26 Aug 2014

Late Deal: Euro Giants make surprise offer for 'perfect' €18m LFC star. Sell ASAP?

The arrival of Mario Balotelli is yet another nail in the coffin of Fabio Borini's Anfield career (such as it is), and with his first-team chances extremely limited, surely it's time for Borini to cut his losses and leave? Sunderland doesn't appear to be an appetising prospect for the Italian striker, but what about AC Milan, who are now reportedly interested?

Last month, Borini's agent, Marco De Marchi confirmed that Liverpool received an offer from Sunderland. He toldTMW:

"Sunderland has made ​​an important offer of 18 million Euros, but Fabio wants to stay there [at Anfield]. Liverpool haven't told me anything yet, but he wants to gamble"

According Italian newspaper La Gazetta Dello Sport today:

* Milan have submitted an 'official offer' for Borini.
* The Italian giants want the 'perfect professional' on loan, with an option to buy.

It's the dreaded loan-to-buy arrangement again, but after the experience with Pepe Reina - who ultimately ended up coming back to Anfield after his loan spell, and then leaving for a nominal fee - I doubt Liverpool will be interested. A cash deal, or nothing, and that's the way it should be.

The prospect of (possibly) playing in the Champions League may be enticing to Borini, but I really can't see why he'd want to stay:

* Used sparingly by Rodgers in his first season, and rarely played as a central striker.
* Sent out on loan in his second season, which was clearly a vote of no confidence.
* Replaced 3 times this summer (Balotelli, Origi, Lambert). Another vote of no-confidence.
* Currently 4th choice striker, behind 32-year old Lambert.
* Rodgers even considered bringing in 33-year old Eto'o instead of relying on Borini.

How much humiliation can one player take?

Whatever way you slice it, Borini is one of Rodgers' many transfer mistakes, but making a profit on the striker will redress the balance somewhat. I doubt Milan will pay €18m for him, though, and Borini's refusal to join Sunderland may ultimately lead to the Reds making a loss later on down the line.

In February 2013, I wrote an article titled Fabio Borini: Destined for failure?, wherein I argued that Borini would never be more than a bit-part player for Liverpool.

Well, that is exactly how it's turned out, but as noted in the article, it's (arguably) not Borini's fault; Rodgers is to blame for buying him in the first place, with (seemingly) no real plan about how to utilise him effectively.



  1. Buck outed Andy Carroll in the press, is he too vain, to do the same for HIS signing, Borini ?

  2. You ruined an otherwise passable piece there by blaming Brendan as if he hadn't assembled a devastating strike-force in Borini's absence.

    Even good players fail at clubs where there are better ones and Fabio is no exception.

  3. Borini isn't IMO a mistake, a decent striker at a club where you have to be just that bit better. It doesn't surprise me that there are clubs hoping to sign him at a decent price.

  4. Can hardly be labelled a failed signing if we make a 50% profit on his original fee inside 3 years that's savvy business in anyone's book. regardless of how well he performed he proved rodgers right in the end in regards to his transfer fee.
    Personally I would actually like him to stay clearly wants to prove himself and is a decent if not unspectacular striker that will surely get his chance to be called upon as the season draws on. Either way best of luck to him always gives his all and I do like his celebration

  5. Buck Rodgers aka Brendan Rodgers aka Brendao.

  6. Thanks for that .... takes a lot of imagination, suppose to some it's a change from Brenda. I like him so i'll stick to Brendan ;)

  7. I think Rodgers signed many players with a view of taking us into the Champions League, maybe it happened a bit quicker than he envisaged. Now we are in the Champions League a new higher class of player is needed, the likes of Borini and Lucas amongst others are no longer required. Rodgers constantly refers to the "project" within that project are players who are mere stepping stones helping the club get to where it wants to be. As long as Rodgers wins the war, the few battles he loses, ie the few players that are discarded with are worth the sacrifice.

  8. The voice of reason.1:25 am, August 27, 2014

    Although i feel sorry for Borini he wasn`t actually good enough for Lfc, his first touch was terrible he always tried his best, but was never in the right place at the right time. I seriously think he would have become a star for Sunderland but i also understand his own personal ambition and no disrespect to Poyets team, but they`re not going to achieve the goals that Borini hopes for, and AC Milan will have a bigger and better chance of winning honours than Sunderland. I hope Borini makes it with whoever he signs for his determination is second to none good luck to him for the future.

  9. Spirit of the Shadows3:09 am, August 27, 2014

    Apparently the mancs lost 4-0 to mkdons lool.
    Di maria will play cb I guess

  10. Even when there are not better ones, Torres anyone, ?.

  11. Di Maria, has handed in a transfer request.

  12. Some sites are saying, Athletico Madrid are interested, for €18m, but its mad week right now, so who knows whats true.

  13. what is this i hear about man utd. offering 20 million for joe allen ? source:daily mirror

  14. Sell to AC Milan even offer a 2m discount to buy NOW!

  15. Can anyone give further information on Joe Allen, apparently a MU target for 20mn?

  16. Only if he plays 90 mins for us every week, then they will give £20m.

  17. he was bought so brendan can sleep well at night when he was new at the club and needed imposing his authority. there is just absolutely no reason why he should stay....if most fans/supporters can throw dirty linen on our players who used to be good (agger.reina,lucas), i dont see why they cant do the same for borini.

    ot. i always suspect its the new generation of fans (see: gloryhunters) who spew venomous drivels/bash at our own players. god, what have we become.

  18. We call him Butch in our circles....previously it was Bucky as well....we'll stick with Butch