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2/07/2013 09:31:00 pm

Luis Suarez admits he would 'love' to see Barcelona star at LFC.

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez was on the losing side last night as Spain beat Uruguay 3-1 in an international friendly, and after the game, Suarez revealed that he'd love to see one particular Spanish player join him at Anfield.

In a post-match interview with Radio Onda Cera, the presenter asked Suarez which of Spain's World Cup winners he'd like to see at Liverpool. He responded:

"I would love Iniesta Inesta at Liverpool, I have no doubt about that.

"He is a quality of player, and I admire him and the good football that he plays"

Dream on, Luis. There's more chance of Bill Shankly rising from his grave and taking over from Brendan Rodgers than Iniesta ever coming to play for Liverpool (!) Like Steven Gerrard, the Spaniard is the archetypal one-club man, and he's now in his thirteenth year at the Nou Camp.

Suarez is not the only Reds player who holds Iniesta in high esteem. In an interview with Marca recently, Suso - who admitted that he is a Real Madrid fan - was asked about his football idols. He responded:

"I don't have idols, but there are many players that I admire, such as Messi and Cristiano [Ronaldo], Xabi Alonso, and Iniesta"

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icymike said...

Shock Horror!!!!

GetDefoeKuyt said...

A Top player. Shame he will never play from Liverpool.

OriginalChan said...

Hardly a surprising choice and probably be mine too, out of that Spanish side. Though looking forward to seeing how Isco develops over the years.

Talking of Spanish players, someone needs to get Villa from Barca and play that boy up front through the middle. One of the best forwards of the last 10 years. Marooned out on the bench or on the wing (when not out injured for a long time), for Lionel Messiah in the last few years, the few years that should have seen him hitting top note in his career (theoretically). Yep, still scores a fair few goals over there and has always been able to do a shift on the left. But he is 31, just makes me wonder that his individual talent would have been better served elsewhere, not at Barca in the last few years. But I guess maybe he got a little bit fed up like Henry did at Arsenal with the lack of silverware and opted to go for Barca, for a bigger chance of silverware, regardless of how much he would have to sacrifice his game. He deserves a better individual better platform, in terms of his talent. As a football fan, I don't care who he goes to, I want him playing up front as I enjoy watching him. Hopefully him playing regular games up front will maybe get Spain to ease off on their use of the false nine system (effective but not sure I enjoy it much)(knowing my luck, they'll just use him on the wing and who am I to argue against a team that has been as successful as they have been eh!).  

TonyVranic said...

dreaming more like suarez will leave to barca that could happen. with the stars we are buying .

plymred said...

you never know 

Zanatos said...

Yep, Villa could be our RVP. he would be a great addition, and also a lot more possible than some of the others.

VermHat said...

Messi has just signed a new deal. Gutted, because I was convinced we'd get him in exchange for Suarez.

I don't see the point in getting Iniesta because we've just got Downing playing and back on top form again.

Anthony Finnigan said...

shankly from the grave, some say turning i say rest in peace,what suarez ment was he wants to play with him at barca. and would rodgers turn them down too no way ! king kenny would last year but too many fans put the knife in and thing brendan has got downing,hendo and sterling playing better but age improved henderson and sterling and downing was only signed after we couldnt get ashley young and adam johnson who brendan let go to sunderland for 10m,kenny don't coach much steve clarke does and the league apart we done great in the cups and were v.unlucky in the prem but brendan rodgers hasnt been to wembley kenny did it 3 times in 3 months

Doron Snapiri said...

A wonderful player indeed. 

I'm starting to feel depressed by thinking Stevie would soon retire and that we have no proper replacement.

Zanz Kedah said...

He is top player and having a lot of special skill.Not so easy to bring him to Anfield but not so imposible if we are working so hard.Make sure all out to get him,i'm sure it is will be succes soon.I hope next season LFC please make sure that they able can get sign Edinson Cavani,Christian Erikson,Mamadou Sakho or Matts Hummells and Andre Marc Ters Stegen or Roberth Zieler.The team will be complete to the stronger BPL contender.

Eric said...

You know what, when Iniesta was still a fringe player at Barca, I once suggested we should sign him on another website. As per usual, hords of experts lined up with well thought through opinions like "he's not strong enough for the rigors of the Premier League", "he's too lightweight" and of course "if he can't make the team at Barca, then why would we want him at Liverpool?". Ever since, I feel immediately vindicated when I get that type of response from fellow fans to a player I suggest :-)

anteater said...

His name on a Liverpool shirt would be a top seller.

Forceuk said...

lol...Ahh sarcasm, in my view the highest form of wit!

Forceuk said...

To be honest who needs Iniesta when we have the Welsh Xavi eh? lol

Forceuk said...

I'm more depressed by the fact that the poor guy has been an absolute legend and probably won't ever get to lift the Premier League title. If anyone deserves it I think it's him.

Ben said...

I dont understand why you could fault Messi for Villa's plight given Villa went to Barca were Messi had been for years so it was really up to Villa to perform extremely well to upstage Messi goal return that has broken 40 year old world record recently.
In Villa's most prolific season as a centre forward for Valencia he scored 30 goals in 40 games in 2008-09 while Messi was scoring 38 goals in 52 games and this was Messi' lowest goal return in the last 5years.
Messi has gone on to score 47 goals in 53 games in 2009-10, 53 goals in 55 games 2010-11, 73 goals in 60 games 2011-12 and currently has 45 in 35 as of early February in this current 2012-13 season.
Messi fully justifies his place as the focal point such that even Villa must be in awe of such a goal return.

OriginalChan said...

With all due respect, you are making a bemusing mountain out of a molehill. I haven't made a explicit criticism of Barca or Messi. I understand why Barca play the way they do, why they set up the way they do and its partially because of how ridiculously good Messi is. You could even have guessed that by how I said at the end in brackets about how Spain will probably carry on playing Villa on the wing and how they are justified in doing so as they have been so successful. So you don't need to point out the obvious to me, as I haven't said anything to the contrary. To put it simply, its just a pity that Villa's individual talent can't be fully exploited in that system. I haven't said at all that that it isn't justified, Barca's use of Messi and Villa. Secondly, it is naive to expect Villa to score that many goals from a position he isn't used to scoring that many goals in. Villa is not Ronaldo, he is not a goalscoring freak when played as wing forward. He is a goalscoring machine when played through the middle. That sadly (in relation to Villa's individual talent, not in relation to Barca or Messi.) won't be the case at Barca because of how Barca play and their use of Messi. To summarize for you, the point of my post is that it is a pity that Villa's talent isn't fully exploited at Barca. Nowhere in that post do I explicitly say that is wrong for Barca not to fully exploit Villa's individual talent. Nowhere in that post do I explicitly say that they are wrong for playing Messi over Villa, in that central position. Nowhere in that post do I explicitly say they are not fully justified for playing Messi as the focal point. Again, I am just saying its a pity that Villa's talent isn't fully exploited. Thanks for the stats but they are of no relevance to my original post, as hopefully the above will clarify why it isn't. Lets turn my post in to a simple yes or no question: Is David Villa's individual talent being fully exploited at Barca? No. Hopefully that illustrates to you that I wasn't saying Barca aren't justified in not exploiting his talent fully, illustrates to you that I wasn't saying Messi hasn't justified Villa's individual talent being sidelined, etc. I am simply saying Villa's individual talent is being fully exploited at Barca. That is it.

Syahir said...

This is only happen in FIFA on Playstation.Would not happen since Liverpool don't have cash to buy him.Wish to have him at the club.

Krisg said...

 Absolutely...if it's a choice between Iniesta and Downing, you have to go for Downing - a super footballer with not one, but TWO left feet.

Krisg said...

I Looooooove Steve G. But I don't think we should replace him - we're not setting up to play with the 'Roy of the Rovers' box-to-box midfielder type. The whole team needs to step up and the sooner we get away from an over-reliance on a talismanic one man team attitude, the better. Having a strong leader is one thing, but when that person is also the most gifted, the effect is sometimes that others fall away into the shadows.
More players who are confident on the ball and move well and who, like Stevie...play their hearts out. Nothing more.

orme said...

Wait for Shelwey. It won't take long.

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