8 Feb 2013

Eriksson raves: 'Fantastic' Liverpool FC star is one of the 'best in the world'

Liverpool star Steven Gerrard became England captain for the first time under Sven Goran Eriksson, and the Swedish boss still holds the Reds star in very high esteem.

In an interview with ITV Sport this week, Eriksson - currently Technical Director for UAE Pro-League team Al Nasr - hailed Gerrard as the best England player of 2012. He enthused:

"Working with him [Gerrard] was very easy.

"He is a fantastic football player: he can attack, his passing is outstanding and he can score goals. He is one of the best midfielders in the world. He is a leader. When he speaks everyone listens."

FC Twente Boss Steve McClaren - another ex-England Boss - agreed with Eriksson, adding:

"Last year he was an integral part of England's progression through the group at Euro 2012. As England manager there are some players who you need to spend a lot of time with. Steven is probably one of the lowest maintenance players I have ever come across."

Gerrard - recently voted player of the year for 2012 by fans of the national team – made his 101st appearance for England last night, and led the national team to a 2-1 victory against Brazil, the first time that's happened for 23 years. When asked after the game about his most significant match for England, Gerrard responded:

"If I was pushed, the most significant game for me would be the 5-1 win in Germany in 2001. That was an incredible win and it was my first goal for England too, so a special day"

Gerrard's scored a superb goal in that game, and since all five goals were scored by Liverpool players (Gerrard, Heskey, Michael Owen hat-trick), it was really Liverpool 5-1 Germany.

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  1. fantastic yes,but for some hes to old and past his best,if carraghars retirement yesterday as taught us anythings its enjoy him while we can because it could be a long time before we see is like again

  2. Second thing I have read from you today that hasn't made me want to smash my computer.  WTF is going on, Jason!

  3. don,t worry normal service will soon resume ;-)

  4. I honestly believe that England could have done better at the euros had they kept Rooney on the bench. For some reason, he had to play when his suspension was over but you could see in the final group match that he added nothing to the team. Had Hodgson dropped him then the balance would have been better. But obviously he didn't because he would have been slaughtered by the English media and the numpty's who think they know anything about football. It's a shame that public opinion does the picking in England, the national team could be a lot more succesful if it didn't.

  5. Omar I get the most puss1:05 pm, February 08, 2013

    England are shit can't win nothing keep dreaming you pommy imbeciles

  6. Omar I get the most puss1:08 pm, February 08, 2013

    Go Spain we are the kings not you pommy muppets