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1 Nov 2012

Problems! Should LFC take advantage of Blues scandal and bid for £7m star...?

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Birmingham City are in dire straits at the moment; the club's President, Carson Yeung, is facing money-laundering charges, and he hasn't put any money into the club over the last 18 months on account of his assets being frozen in Hong Kong. Unless a takeover is completed soon, the Blues may have to sell some of their star players to raise money, and one of those who could become available is goalkeeper jack Butland, who is reportedly on Brendan Rodgers transfer wish-list.

In an interview yesterday, Butland revealed admitted that he currently has no control over his Birmingham future. He said:

"You can talk about it [Birmingham's problems], but there's nothing we can do about it as players. We can only control what we do on the pitch and what we do on the training ground.

"What happens with the board, with the owners and a possible takeover is meaningless until something actually does happen."

Liverpool have been linked with Butland several times over the last few months, and according to one source:

"Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers wants new England keeper Jack Butland to be Pepe Reina’s long-term ­successor.The Kop chief has made an official move for the young shot-stopper, and he is willing to pay Birmingham around ­£7.5millon. Butland knows about the Kop’s move but he is spoilt for choice at the moment".

If Birmingham's problems continue then Liverpool could try and capitalise on the situation with a cheeky January bid.

Do Liverpool need a new 'Keeper though? Pepe Reina is in decline IMO, and I've argued this point many times in the past. His heart isn't in it anymore, and I doubt he's happy about being usurped in the first team by Brad Jones.

Speaking of Jones: the Aussie put in a man of the match performance against Swansea, and made a series of stunning saves to further cement his place in the team, though many fans still remain unconvinced that he is the long-term solution.

Should LFC bid for Butland?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Defineatelly, hes young, full of power, and could get one of the best goal keepers! Would be a great long lerm signing!!! Remember Pepe is 30 years old, and i just cant see gulacsi as our future first keeper. So anytime we will need a good keeper, and with birmingham in a financial crisis we might get him cheaper ;)

  2. forget it...Butlands comments were about the take over and not his own future.We are in the black with the bank and when our dodgy owner finally does sell then hopefully we will be buying and not giving our youngsters away on the cheap.

  3. He looks decent but ive also seen him make quite a few mistakes, he won't be an automatic no1 for me he will have to fight for that position if we did make this signing, would he be happy on the bench?

  4. You realise 'in the black' is good, right?

  5. 29 and in decline. Hmm

  6. wrong he has been in decline since he was 27.sell asap

  7. bcfc pay the wages every week do not owe any money except to young
    they are and have been run very well by the presnt directors who is female by the way liverpool /man utd/chelsea all owe a fortune to there owners far more than bcfc it was sullivan and co that took the dirty money from china BCFC WILL COME GOOD WHEN WE GET RID OF CARSON YOUNG UNLIKE LIVERPOOL WHO AGAIN WILL SUFFER WITH THE AMERICANS ON BOARD LOOK AT THE VILLA AND LERNERS THE RICHEST OWNER FROM THE USA IN THE PREM

  8. if reina leaves, which i believe he wants to and has done for some time now, then yes we should go for him.
    who said you could never win anything with kids!!!
    i think jones has done okay

  9. hendo etc etc etc all crap12:54 am, November 02, 2012

    will someone please tell brendan rodgers to catch himself on and start firing rockets up some arses,mr nice has to stop, well done lads, bad luck ,some nice touches ,some positives ,etc etc all this shit has to stop ,,,tell it how it is,,i,would look around that changing room and start with ,,DO YOU SEE YOU HENDO HOW THE FUCK YOURE A PRO FOOTBALL BEATS ME,,,AND JOE ARE YOU TAKEN THE PISS 90 GRAND A WEEK COME ON SON,,,AND CARRA TIME YOU MOVED UPSTAIRS SON YOURE DOING MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD,,,i would then point the finger and say ,,LUIS I REALLY WOULDNT BLAME YOU IF YOU LEFT IN THE SUMMER FOR SPAIN OR ITALY BECAUSE 3/4 OF THESE FUCKERS AROUND YOU ARENT INTERESTED IN LFC AND ITS FANS THERE MOTAVIATION IS MONEY,,,, then before i left i would tell them THEY ARE A FUCKING DISGRACE AND THE SUMMER TRANSFER WINDOW CANT COME QUICK ENOUGH,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. he could be a good buy and worth every penny

  11. FYI Birmingham City are NOT a club in dire straits, it's the clubs parent company BIHL that are in trouble, we as a club have been run very well & we are in the process of being taken over, we do not need to sell Butland to balance the books or any other player for that matter so before you go reportting on another clubs fortunes, get your facts straight. If I were you i'd be more worried about your own clubs fortunes

  12. I live in Australia so I have a half-hearted interest in seeing Brad Jones do well. He's doing a good job and I think he is justifying his spot on the team. But is he quite of the calibre needed to hold down a regular spot at a club like Liverpool? If we're going to be a genuine top-4 team again I'm not convinced and I agree that Pepe perhaps doesn't have his heart firmly set on staying at Liverpool. Good keepers can comfortably play into their late 30s and if Reina really wanted to finish his career here then I would say there is no need to push for a replacement. He's made a few mistakes but he's still very good however it really does come down to commitment and attitude. If he's not up for it then let's let him go, no question, there are plenty of young keepers out there who'll give us the best 5 years of their career instead. Either way I think Brad Jones might just have cemented his spot as 2nd choice keeper and that's great for him. Maybe he'll get more ambitious in the future but I'd love to see him stick it out at Liverpool and take these kinds of opportunities when they come along.

  13. I watched him at the Olypmics and he was pretty good. Would be a good prospect for the future. But he serioulsy couldnt kick the ball, some of his kicks were only just making it to half way some times, it was weird.

  14. Liverpool going after over hyped young English goal keeper ? Reminds me someone who soon turned out to be a flop.

    Let him prove himself before teams queue up with millions for a young player!

  15. Did Liverpool not sign two English young goalies on the same day. Where are they now Kirkland and Carson.

  16. I believe we signed Dudek and Kirkland on the same day (by Houllier).
    Carson was signed later by Benitez

  17. jimmyswinningmatches12:34 pm, November 02, 2012

    Feic away off with that Buttland. Reina is young and has been the best keeper in the league for years now...he has loads of yrs left, look at van der saar/friedal etc. He's the best distributor of the ball for a goalkeeper i've ever witnessed....We need to spend our money on strikers n playmakers....REINA is liverpool for life

  18. We have been burnt enough by buying young hyped English keepers. Always somewhat wary about buying young keepers for the first XI, regardless of nationality anyway. Yes, there are/have been examples of young keepers in first XI of big teams that have done well but certainly not a majority. Admittedly, he has done well when I've seen him play but let the lad carry on at Birmingham, especially if they get promoted. I like the look of another Birmingham youngster, Nathan Redmond. Looks a good young player. On-loan Ravel Morrison looked quality in a recent game I saw but he has been in lots of trouble over the years already.

  19. jimmyswinningmatches12:40 pm, November 02, 2012

    Jaimie...why are we on about signing goalkeepers...it's the least of our problems. Pepe had a bit of a blip, so what he's still class. We need strikers...why waste 7.5 on another goalkeeper when we've got brad jones in reserve. Kop on and focus more on players liverpool need ie. Huntelaar, Navas etc.

  20. reina best keeper ??? worst reds keeper since mike hooper