2 Nov 2012

'They sent scouts' - Riso responds to transfer rumours over LFC Serie A target...

The Agent of Genoa defender Mario Sampirisi, who is wanted by Liverpool, has confirmed that the 19-year old is being tracked by a host of Premier League clubs.

In an interview yesterday, Sampirisi's agent, Giuseppe Riso, was asked about Premier League interest in the defender. He said:

"Yes, they sent their scouts to follow him live but I don't know if they'll try to take him in January.

"Genoa do not want to sell. But I am not surprised that the Premier League clubs have their eye on him.

"Mario has the typical physique that British teams like"

Italian journalist Gianluca DiMarzio, who works for Sky Sports News, confirmed LFC's interested earlier this week:

"Mario Sampirisi is being monitored by Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, whose scouts have been to watch the player recently"

Subsequent reports also confirm that Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool all had scouts watching Sampirisi against AC Milan on Saturday.

* Sampirisi joined Genoa from AC Milan in the summer of 2011 for €1m.

* He is a central defender, but can also play at right back.

* He's made only 10 appearances for Genoa so far.

* He's featured for Italy at U19 and U20 levels and started six of Genoa's seven league games this season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We need 5-6 proven players in Jan to get anything out of current season. Next season we will be without Europa League...we are turning into unattractive destination for top players...depressing times ahead. Realistic goal IMO is between 10-13 in league table.

  2. We need Llorente. If not him, than Huntelaar. Plus one defender and one midfielder optionally, but only if we can find talented and young. Of course, if can afford one of those two strikers{or Falcao, but that is not gonna happen} and Isco or some other high quality player that is not a striker- that's great, but one very good striker is priority because we have 15 great players that deserve first team[for epl], and 10 more that can reach that level [at least 5 will, by the end of the season] throughout fa cup and Europa.

  3. And we need a striker ASAP, before what Jagielka said becomes the truth...

  4. Yes I agree with Jagielka, I am fed up of all these side passes and backpasses, which I think Newcastle, who play a high line and are verydirect will expose with Demba Ba. I pay to see exciting football not a game of keep ball in your own half whilst the opposition get 2 banks of 4 in front of you.

  5. The only way to change that is a strong, tall striker. We would get the opportunity to make crosses and long balls if needed, but more importantly fear in the defence of opponents that we might do that, and with it- much needed space for passes and dribles.

  6. Talking of players who can play at right back, anyone read what Rodgers said about Glen Johnson? "I look at him and Daniel Alves as the two best right-backs in world football" - That gave me a giggle, nice one Brendan. For me, Johnson is a better left back than he is a right back, where (RB) he is rather ordinary to say the least.

  7. If he had played vs Everton, we would have won.

  8. Maybe, maybe not. No one knows for sure. Probably would have done better in some aspects, especially going forwards but he isn't exactly reliable to say the least, when it comes to defending.

  9. He is getting more and more reliable, but again their fear would have been crucial- their left wing and lb would have been more cautious, and defense oriented...

  10. I don't agree that he is getting more and more reliable, especially at right back. The recent run of decent form aside, he made plenty of errors earlier on in the season against the likes of Sunderland. I think he is very poor defensively at right back, for a club that aspires to be in the top 4 minimum. At left back, he has done well but the standard is hardly high, considering the performances of Enrique. He is average, imo. You rate him, I don't.

    It works both ways, Mirallas may have gotten even more joy against a attack-minded right back, especially with no Kuyt to bail Johnson out defensively. Swings and roundabouts.

  11. We defended very poorly first couple of games(5-6), but i see improvement- and I think he is leading progress...Ok agree to disagree, but if he dosen't recover for the Sunday- we're in trouble. On flanks we won't have experience nor consistency. Him and Wisdom with either Robinson or Enrique seems much more assuring...

  12. Really think Wisdom is our future, but he underperformed vs Everton, and Sunday is a must win-maybe it is too much pressure for him. Hope I'm wrong...

  13. Oh don't forget another funny comment by Rodgers on Johnson today:

    "Glen's arguably been the player of the season in the Premier League - never mind at Liverpool."