3 Nov 2012

€8m Bundesliga star admits: "I would not exclude Liverpool!" - Sign him...?

Earlier this week, the Agent of Schalke star Lewis Holtby confirmed that an unnamed English club had put in a 'very interesting offer' for the 22-year old, who recently admitted that he 'dreamed' of playing the Premier League. Holby is a self-confessed Everton fan, and this would seem to be a bar to any potential Liverpool move, but in an interview yesterday, the coveted attacking midfielder made it clear his love of Everton would not be a barrier to joining the Reds.

Last week, a source close to the Schalke claimed that Liverpool are 'keen to talk' to Holtby about a possible move, and it seems that the player is interesting in joining the Reds.

In an interview with German newspaper Bild today, Holtby - who has 3 goals and 4 assists in 13 games for Schalke this season - was asked about the possibility of moving to Liverpool, and he responded:

"I have always said that one day, I want to play in England. I would not exclude Liverpool, even if it would mean a hit against my father who is a die-hard Everton fan"

This is great news for Brendan Rodgers, who is reportedly a massive fan of Holtby. Indeed,

Holtby's current contract ends soon, and in July, he admitted that a move away could definitely be on the cards:

"I have a great affinity for English football, and I've always said: If I am good enough for the Premier League, I want to play there too"

Holtby certainly fits the 'buy them young' policy at Liverpool but would he actually improve the squad? Here are his league stats from last season:

* 6 goals and 1 assist in 27 league games.
* 1 goal every 322 minutes (1 every 3.5 games)
* 1 shot on goal every 175 minutes (1 every 1.9 games)
* 28% Shooting accuracy
* Successful cross every 74 minutes.

Stats: OPTA

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I don't think he is great. Same as Eriksen.

  2. How many times have you seen him play? or are you just watching some youtube.
    Holtby has a lot of skill, is young and would be cheap/free/a signing for the next 10 years.

  3. I don't watch all the players in the world and yes I see them on youtube and I judge them on stats and some skills shown on youtube. Call me a naive or what but I have had enough of potential shit going on in LFC. As if potentials like Suso, Sterling, Yesil are setting the stage on fire with goals and assists.

    Even if this player do come good and by that time if we are not among top 8 teams, they will leave. We will become selling club soon. Hell with potentials...only good if you are having a successful season and can waste money on potentials as you already have a good senior/proven squad.

  4. A straight swap Holtby for Shelvey would do me .

  5. We waited for Shelvey three years, and now he is finally starting to look good you want to replace him for another potential... smart...

  6. He really is NOT that good, he is a media hyped player unfortunately.

  7. You obviously know nothing about football! Shelvey is the reason Henderson, Sterling, Adam are either gone or benched!

  8. If you had said a swap for Downing or Cole, I would have agreed, but Shelvey, one of our brighter prospects, no way.