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28 Mar 2012

Macca: Kenny should *drop* this 'tired and jaded' LFC star. Is he right?

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Over the last couple of months, Liverpool's previously solid defence has gone to pieces. An increasing number of individual errors has contributed to the club's horrible league form, with the previously reliable Jose Enrique one of the main offenders. Is it time to give the Spaniard a rest?

Yesterday, Enrique argued that the players and not Kenny Dalglish should be blamed for the club's poor form, and former Liverpool defender Jason McAteer believes that Enrique should be the first player to suffer for his error-prone recent performances. He told LFC TV:

"I think Enrique's struggled a bit in the last five or six games; he's looked a bit tired and jaded, so maybe he needs to be rested".

I definitely agree with this; Enrique's error for QPR's third goal was, in the words of David Fairclough, 'pathetic', and it's not the first mistake he's made this year.

Fans go on and on about how amazing Enrique allegedly is, but I just don't see it. What exactly does he bring to Liverpool that's so special? He's fairly good defensively, but even that has gone now, so what else is there?

* No league assists since October last year.
* No goals all season.
* 25% crossing accuracy.
* 78% passing accuracy.

What exactly is Enrique's end product at Liverpool? It's all well and good being a steady defender, but surely if the club is going to move forward, we need from the full-backs?

In my view, Enrique needs to contribute more going forward, and that means actually providing a few assists; scoring the odd goal, and generally being more accurate in the final third with his passing.

John Arne Riise regularly scored and created goals, and that's what makes him LFC's best left back in the last twenty years (IMO)

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Is there a single player who plays for Liverpool fc who you have not publicly slated on this site you closet Manc?? Look up the word 'support'
    Instead you just add fuel to hater's. From Pepe to Kenny you have had a bad article about all players this season.
    Another thing, do you ever actually go to the game?? And if the answer is yes, I bet your one of the clowns who Boooooo aint you?
    The man has made a few mistakes recently, but who has'nt? its called a bad spell, normally runs through a squad with bad Moral.

  2. I agree Enrique needs to rest, maybe its time to give Aurelio few farewell games or if fit Robinson could do the job too. 

  3. I just cannot believe what you're saying Jaimie, Enrique, tired?, was you watching the Wigan match?, and his run from the back, going through four or five players?, with no-one in support?.

    Downing is supposed to assist him in his defending duties as well, which most of the time he does'nt, and you say Riise was better?, maybe you're right there, only for conceding own goals though.

  4. Enrique has made several crucial errors recently, and like Reina, he has no one really challenging for his spot. He needs to feel the fire to maintain his performance level.

    And yes, in my view, Riise was far superior to Enrique, both defensively and offensively. Riise was part of an absolutely formidable LFC defence:

    Finnan -- Carra --- Hyypia --- Riise

    I'll take that over our current defence any day of the week. Riise also scored and created lots of goals, which is what (IMO) elevates a good fullback.

    Enrique offers zero attacking end product, and that is a serious weakness in his game.

  5. Give Robinson a run in the side, nothing to lose now except more games. 

  6. I agree, I think Enrique's performances have dipped. Never quite sure if Aurelio is injured or just not being picked. If he is fit, he should play. We made the mistake of resting him when he was fit when we had Insua, and then he got injured and Insua was ruined by having to play more games than anyone else in the team. How about Jack Robinson for a couple of games?

    I agree, Enrique needs to provide more going forward, but some posters were supporting Kelly over Johnson and saying that Johnson's superior attacking did not matter, after Kelly missed an own goal against Arsenal. I think that attacking and defending is about 50/50 with a modern day full back. Defensive midfielders mean that most teams decide to stay solid in the centre, i.e. right in front of the goal, and attack more down the flanks and, subsequently, leave more gaps there as well. We are possibly the only club who always seems to attack more through the middle, no wonder we score so few goals. This business of Downing on the right and Kuyt on the left makes us even more narrow. But, presumably, harder for us to break down also.

  7. Glad you wrote that about Riise! Still not quite sure what he ever did wrong except for that own goal! He was pretty reliable never seriously injured playing LB or LW and he knew how to shoot! Another one that was moved on before his sell by date and replaced by an inferior player in Dossena!
    Enrique has been looking off it ever since he played the Stoke league game at home with a virus seem to taken it out of him give him a rest he deserves it. 

  8. I think it's more the loss of Agger and the return of Carragher that has contributed to the defence losing it's way. Although Enrique hasn't had much rest this season, played in virtually every game. Also he has constantly had a different player in front of him, Downing, Bellamy, Maxi, Kuyt, Adam, it can't help your offensive play when you are unsure about the player in front.
    So although Enrique like any player is not immune to criticism, I think he has a lot of mitigation in his favour and overall he has been a very good signing.

  9. Goes to show you how much of an impact Jonas Gutierrez had on Enrique's game back in Newcastle. It just doesn't work out for him here with Downing on the wing

  10. I suppose it's easy for the pundits to call for him to b dropped as he isn't British. Did he and other pundits call for Caroll, Henderson, downing and Adam to b dropped. I think Enrique is been better signing than all four of them put together.

  11. He has a fear of attacking the touch line like all our players on the LW since Riise!
    Bombs forward then soon as he gets the ball he checks his run or stops which then stops the LW which run off side! If he carried on his run into the area we would be more of a threat with the left winger with more crosses getting into the box or penalties .

  12. Dalglish needs a permanent rest

  13. I didn't see what all the fuss was about with Enrique earlier in the season either! For me, Insua is far better going forward and his crossing led to 5 assists and he scored a cracking goal at the Emirates, before his injury in 2010.

    Enrique seems to cross the ball with the top of his foot/on the laces, rather than with the instep that's why his crossing lacks whip and bend into the box. His crossing is frankly woeful and this was one of the plus points we were told about his game, especially as he would be crossing to Andy Carroll. It hasn't happened at all. He should be able to correct this fault in his technique...

    He also dallies on the ball and gets caught in possession. Shame Aurelio is on his last hurrah for the club, his positioning, passing, moving and crossing is much better than Enrique's. Enrique should have been dropped 3 months ago because just like Konchesky too many crosses from his side get into the box.

    I don't see much difference between Enrique to Insua except Enrique is quicker, but Insua as said is far more effective going forward and is 3 years younger...

  14. Can't believe Aurelio is still a Liverpool player, he plays one game and then is on the injured list for the rest of the season. Sits on the side lines and rake in millions. I want that job!

  15. Best comment so far!

  16. I beg to differ, no one is like Konchesky, except a rock.

  17. 'Former Liverpool DEFENDER Jason McAteer'.. !!??????

    Yellow card Jamie for a schoolboy error.. and any back chat and I'll sent you off !!

  18. always cuts back,it's like he has a mental block when it comes to getting in the box.he's being on a downward spiral since xmas.has plenty of pace but no end product and now his defensive side has started to slack off.

  19. Definitely have seen a dip in his performances of late.

    Even without the benefit of hindsight, this was always possible as he has played a lot. KK needs to rotate once in a while at least, than he might not have the need to come out with 'players are tired, too many games' bla bla bla

    Enrique is a solid full back, he is not a cavalier attacking full back a la Glen Da Johnson, so he was never going to provide a great attacking outlet.

  20. Ditto. Pointless bit of management and waste of money that, Riise out and Dossena in.

  21. Enrique Is the reason were doing so poor. It's all down to our left back nothing else. Yeah right. Fair enough he might not be playing very well but who at Liverpool fc is at mo.I feel there's a lot more to our bad form than just our left back.when we get into opponents half a lot of our passes get intercepted and I have noticed our players are always far apart. Hardly ever do I see close quick 1 - 2 passes etc. Long distance passes are much more likely to get intercepted.we don't have enough players attacking the box at the best of times too.we lack pace and hardly ever do we see an lfc player St full sprint when attacking ?.we bought poorly which didn't help and only 1 man can be blamed for that.all the players we have bought did a lot better at there previous clubs , come to us and play abysmal . I def feel kd needs to change things around tactically. were in no mans land now so why not just give the kids a chance and try diff tactics. We have nothing to lose

  22. Thing is, a lot of our players are either slow or have poor technique, so, if we play with width, quicker teams run straight through us.

  23. yip i agree, he hasnt looked maintained his impressive early form. he is one of the players that frustrate me the most. i would love to see fabio and downing link on the flank. whilst i do respect acknowledge the enrique is a good buy, his form for quite some time has been too greedy, and overcomplicating things. if only he would just hold back once he gets to the final third and let downing take over in attack. question is, can fabio play a full 90 mins, let alone successive games. nevertheless, enrique needs time out.

  24. sorry for the errors, right click disabled. cant delete and re-paste. 

  25. Pity Dalglish's defense isn't as strong as the wall he puts up when he's interviewed..nobody would get any change out of them.He should stop pretending the team is playing well..the one time he laid into them he got a good reaction..  

  26. Cant believe people are now turning on Enrique. He has been great all season and is just having a dip in form. Hes been very strong in tackles and very rarely gets beaten for pace on the left by some very quick wingers.

    His tackles won percentage is up there with the  very best left backs in the league. Heck he has won as many tackles that any other Liverpool player this season having just leveled Lucas on 52 tackles won (which is kind of worrying for the team as Lucas has been out for how many months). Anyway back to my point, if you look at Glen Johnson at 26 tackles won or even skrtle 32 tackles won you can see what Enrique brings to the team.

  27. Where is my message? or can you not print stuff that 'outs' you for not going to the game and slating our own players??
    No swear words or nothing out the ordinary, you have not got a clue

  28. He's not looking too good, lately, not good for his health!.

  29. The problem people is, and has been whenever he's played,.....CARRAGHER!.

  30. Why is it you write articles that are well constructed and reveal a valid point, and sometimes you write utter bull?
    Enrique has been a very consistent player at left back, and has overshadowed many other left sided players in that position. Yes, so Riise scored goals? I wonder how many in his first season. In fact i wonder how many assists..Bottom line is most of our assists come from the middle of the park, because we have a front 2, or whoever plays there, that just cant convert. Its almost the same argument as Downing. LFC fans moan and moan about how poor his delivery is. How about we look at how poor our finishing is when he delivers a great ball into play.We arent scoring goals, and yes, contribution should come from every where on the park. But regardless how much they contribute, we dont capitalise.. It was MS fault the goal at QPR. Called for the ball clearly and mistimed his header, which left Enrique in a bad position. Cant blame that on him.

    And for you to do some research on the matter, how many assists did any other left back in the top 10 in their first season. THat will make you realise just how good a player we have in Enrique. 


  31. I feel we need to focus on our attacking players providing assits before pointing fingers at defenders!!!!!! Apart from Leighton Baines im sure those stats aren't much worse than any other FB in the leuage.

  32. Fact of the matter is NO ONE is provding any assists or end product in the team which is why we have scored so few goals. When you also take into account the amount of clear opportunites that have been missed this season it gives a far clearer overview as to why we have so few assits. Stuart Downing could of had over 20 assists if players could finish there dinner!

    Riise wasnt a FAR superior player than Enrique, thats absolute rubbish!

  33. I actually made that comment the other night when he was being interviewed.  He was looking very strained and stressed and not very happy or well.  When he first came back, he would crack jokes and laugh with the media and his interviews were very entertaining.  Now... not so much...

  34. Chi Bai lu, this is what you get at that price ! He is not Sergei Ramos, isn't it ?

  35. Enrique (give a rest)..Reina-sold (no more heart to play with LFC..Henderson(permanent rest or loan to a championship side-the most LFC garbage player)..charlie adam (sold)..KD (sacked or better step down)..
    We need a player who proud to play & wear LFC jersey..My opinion currently LFC cannot be considered TOP 4 side anymore..Blame it on KD arrogant..LFC an average club only..same level with everton..sunderland..wigan..QPR..swansea..
    LFC cannot always depend on STEVIE G & SUAREZ to create and score goal..Give the youngsters a chance..

  36. Enrique isn't as good as Riise in the Houllier days but he is far better than latter day Riise and is the best since Riise in his heyday (honourable mention for a fit Aurelio though).

    He could do with a rest. I don't understand how Jaimie can seem to like Charlie Adam more than Enrique though.