28 Mar 2012

LFC Injury update: Latest news on Bellamy, Johnson and Lucas...

Liverpool are experiencing a mini-injury crisis at the moment with several important players missing, including Glen Johnson, Daniel Agger, Martin Kelly, Charlie Adam, Craig Bellamy, and Lucas Leiva. Adam has joined Lucas on the long-term injury list, but what about Johnson - will he be available for selection any time soon?

Things are looking good for Johnson; the right-back started training again on Monday and he's working his way back to fitness. He tweeted:

"Was great being back outside running today! #GettingCloser"

Lucas is out until next season but how is his rehabilitation going? The Brazilian also provided an update on Twitter:

"My rehab is going well and hopefully I will be fit for next season. It was a bad injury so I need to recover properly to be strong again"

Liverpool legend John Aldridge recently highlighted the absence of Craig Bellamy, and suggested that he may have had a bust-up with Dalglish behind the scenes. I doubt that's true, and the idea that the club has not kept us updated about what's going on is not true either.

In his pre-QPR press conference, Dalglish confirmed that Bellamy was injured. He was cagey about the nature of the injury, describing it only as a 'niggle'.

Then, in his pre-Wigan press conference, Dalglish confirmed that there were 'no new injuries added to what we had before'. Obviously, when he said 'what we had before', Dalglish was referring to the injuries of Johnson and Bellamy.

With a whole week's rest, hopefully Johnson and Bellamy will be fit for selection against Newcastle. Bellamy especially would be a huge boost.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Its Agger we're missing. Carra is finished. I actually think he's having an adverse effect on his fellow defenders. He's always shouting and barking orders. Which would be fine if he was doing the business. But he isn't. I think he's undermining the confidence of Skrtel and Enrique who have been pretty damn solid all season.

    If Agger ain't back for the semi, we're out. 

  2. Tornike Khomeriki2:01 pm, March 28, 2012

    Don't really care anymore what happens injury-wise this season. Already thinking about the changes needed in Summer, and also dying to see the new shirt - not sure if Warrior's first football kit is going to look decent.

  3. OMG! I have just read that Dalglish said Adam has not had any surgery yet and may not need it as well as thinks he might be back before the season's end!! Just when I was getting my smile back.......

  4. No new info about Agger or Adam though?

  5. Agger damaged a rib after swallowing a cornflake apparently and will be out til December. Or so I've heard.

    Maybe we should find a game to play a few youngsters, Coady and Sterling ought to get a good run out by now. Robinson and Flanagan are reliable enough to do a job also.

  6. Maybe we should be promoting Flanagan to Johnson's stand in and starting to move Kelly over centre back more often.

  7. Your so right - spot on

  8. Just a quick thought - If Chelsea or Spurs win the FA Cup does 5 place in the league then play in the CL??

  9. The King has to CONFUSE us with an FA cup or It is straight forward he needs the boot..! PERIOD!!

  10. Problem with that idea is having 2 inexperienced players (Flanno & Kelly) in our back 4... Having Kelly , Coates and Skrtel @ the back gives us a good balance of size,pace,youth and experience.

    I have major doubts over Jose's form, he is too 1 dimensional in attack and defensively he has taken a mighty step backwards.

    There might be a case for Glen to move to LB and Kelly starting at RB for the NUFC game....Ben Arfa and Gutierrez are in really good form and with Cisse + Ba upfront we will need to be very solid.

    Honestly I expect NUFC to win quite easily !! SG8 and Spearo don't stand a chance vs Tiote + Cabaye , our midfield lacks general athleticism and pace .

    I would be very tempted to start Jonjo with Spearo , and move SG8 upfront , Bellers and Downing out wide.

    Its a shame Henderson has not been given a more central role, he and Jonjo might be what we need in our engine room....  

    My team for NUFC:

    Kelly Skrtel Coates Glen/Jose
    Bellamy Jonjo Hendo Downing