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3/05/2012 08:30:00 pm

€12m LFC target insists: It's 'important' to play in the Premier League

€12m-rated Colombian striker Jackson Martinez, nicknamed 'Cha Cha Cha' by his current club's fans, has once again hinted at a move to the Premier League.

Martinez - who plays for Jaguares - has made no secret of the fact that he wants to leave Mexiso, and over the last month, he's made regular public statements about his desire to play in the Premier League.

A few days ago, Martinez admitted that Liverpool were a 'very very good outfit', but made it clear that there were other teams interested in signing him.

Speaking to Sky Sports earlier today, Martinez once again made it clear that his future lies elsewhere. He said:

"I know some clubs are interested, but I prefer not to mention their names. For me to play in the Premier League, it would be important for my life"

According to his Agent, Giovanni Fiore, Martinez is 'wanted by half of Europe', so if and when he decides to leave, it seems there will be a battle for his signature.

Martinez has scored 28 goals in 53 appearances for Jaguares, and his goal record for Colombia is one in two, but how long would it take him to adapt to the Premier League?

Can Liverpool really afford to give yet another striker a whole season to settle-in? Andy Carroll has been at Liverpool for 14 months now and he's *still* struggling for form, and he already had experience of the Premier League (!)

Of course, it's also possible that Martinez could do a Luis Suarez and hit the ground running, but I would personally prefer to see a European-based striker come to the club.

Jaimie Kanwar

11 August 2014

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redredman said...

How do we know this player is a "Liverpool Target" nothing in your article other than the headline suggests this is the case. Even the comments you quote from the player do not suggest he is a Liverpool Target

kingkops said...

This is the kind of player we need to start scoring week in week out.

Pastor of Muppets said...

He looks like exactly the guy we need. A poacher. And if Chicharito is anything to go by, this guy should be the business.

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