6 Mar 2012

LFC Legend: Man-management of Steven Gerrard has been 'unbelievably bad'

I think it's safe to say that Liverpool legend John Aldridge is not the greatest fan of Stuart Pearce. In fact, judging by his comments about the former Nottingham Forest defender over the last week, it's clear that Aldo has a simmering dislike for the man, and today, he's launched another scathing attack on him.

Last week, Aldo labelled Pearce a 'joke' for having the temerity to put himself forward for the England job, and advised the FA to steer clear of such a 'dreadful manager'.

Pearce's controversial decision to ignore Steven Gerrard for the England captaincy has incurred the wrath of many Liverpool fans, and writing in the Liverpool Echo, Aldo was incandescent with rage. He scathed:

"Stuart Pearce's treatment of Steven Gerrard over the England captaincy was unbelievably bad man-management. Pearce gave him the ultimate insult and to risk alienating a top player like that was very naive.

"He might be able to coach but to manage England you need to be able to do more than that. He’s only in charge of England for a short period so I can’t understand why the FA didn’t step in and ask him who he was going to make captain".

Strong words again, with Aldo's (understandable) pro-Scouse bias shining through like a beacon. The former Liverpool striker also went as far as to suggest that Gerrard should turn his back on England. He insisted:

"If I was Steven I’d be thinking about looking after myself rather than serving my country from now on".

In the past, Gerrard has stated that playing for England is more important than playing for Liverpool, so the chances of him turning his back on England are slim at best.

I can understand Aldo's frustration, but I personally believe Pearce made the right decision. Successive England managers - including Fabio Capello, a man of peerless experience - have decided against making Gerrard permanent England captain, and there are obviously reasons for that.

* Gerrard captained England during the failed Euro 2008 campaign, and when it came to the crunch, he could not inspire the team to qualification.

* Man United-Liverpool acrimony needs to be considered; would Gerrard command the respect of England's United players?

* Gerrard is increasingly injury prone; would he even be able to play every Euro 2012 game?

* Gerrard is not the most vocal of people on the pitch, and he's admitted this himself.

Scott Parker is the safe choice; he's a player without baggage; untainted by the failure of the so-called 'golden generation', and in my view, he's the right choice.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Well i beg to differ on this. Agreed that Stevie G is not vocal but does he really need to coz when it comes to inspiration there is not a better person than Stevie G for the other players to look at. He leads from the front and is definetly a match winner. As far as United players are concerned if they want England to win then whether ur capatin plays for  reds, blues or any other team shouldnt be a concern to them and if they are then they can sit out of the tournament altogether. Stevie G>>>>>Scott Parker Anytime.

  2. So Stephen Gerrard didn't lead England to success - How did Scott Parker, your "safe choice" fare with West Ham last season? Oh yes.....Doh. Your argument doesn't really work does it?

  3. For me, Steven Gerrard was the existing Vice Captain. If available to play, and in John Terry's absence, he steps up as captain. Until a new manager is appointed, a caretaker should not be changing that position. A poor decision by Stuart Pearce, and shows he is the wrong man to be appointed as manager of England.

  4. "The former Liverpoo striker"
    You got that part right,we are poo at the moment :-)

  5. "The former Liverpoo striker"

    "In the past, Gerrard has stated playing for England is more important than playing for England"

    Excellent writing Kanwar, as always.  I would say don't give up the day job but I doubt you even have one, considering the drivvel you constantly post.  I suspect limited intellect inhibits you.

  6. * Gerrard was captain during England's failed 2008 Euro Campaign, and when it came to the crunch, He could not inspire England to qualification

    It's incorrect. Gerrard was Vice Cpt, like as usual, and He captained England in just one occasion, when Terry was absent: against Croatia at Wembley. Gerrard was an alternative solution, as Terry captained England for the whole Euro Campaign, so If anyone had Failed to inspire England, the one would be John Terry, England's cpt. Gerrard stepped in also during South Africa World Cup, only because Terry was stripped the caiptancy after Bridge's affaire, as Rio Ferdinand (V. Cpt) was out of action due to a long term injury.  Gerrard has never been considered a first choice for caiptancy. How Can You expect for a Player of Gerrard's leverage if You never considers him like He deserves???

    * Man United - Liverpool acrimomony needs to be considered; would Gerrard command the respect of England's United Players?

    Wayne Rooney publicy said: Gerrard is my man for the armband. I can't see the problem: for five years Beckham captained a team which included players like Gerro, Owen, Macmanaman, Fowler. If United players prioritise the rivalry regarding to the choice of the right cpt, They should sit on the bench.

  7. I have to say the writer of this column has got it wrong..well wrong, i can appreciate trying to be 'neutral'..but when being neutral the idea is to be objective and look at the facts..Gerrard has bags of experience that parker does not have..at the very top playing in internationals, captaining a average and sometimes poor liverpool team to winning trophies, including some of the most memorable fightbacks in competition history..FA cup and Champions league...

    Lets leave the club side to one side for the moment as that is blatently so one sided its embarrassing.....and concentrate on international.....Gerrad has been far far more successfull (if you can call it that, but for an england player i mean) than parker who for many years was floundering around sitting on the Chelsea bench and couldn't get anywhere near the england team...  Gerrard has been overlooked on too many occasions..hes been vice captain covering for John Terry..hes also due to his exceptional all round ability took the short straw in midfield to accomodate Frank Lampard..to the detriment to himself and with out a hint of a complaint.

    He was involved in that famous rout oif germany (5-1) and has come up trumps many times....he may not shout and scream like a demented roy Keane..but he does his leadership by example....just by being the first or second best player for his country, and one of the few candidates who have captained ANY team to winn a major trophy.

    Scott parker whilst having a decent run last season form wise for west ham, led an expensively assembled team to relegation, sat on the bench for years for Chelsea, has contributed very little to win ANY trophies...is as 'old' as Gerrard, and lets not forget doesn't even captain his CURRENT team whilst Gerrard has once again led a crap Liverpool team to the first trophy of the season.....

    NO Gerrard is the best candidate by a long way, he deserves it.

  8. I think Gerrard should snub England. It is an ultimate insult by a Manager who has not won anything in club or country.

  9. I think Gerrard should snub England totally. It is an ultimate insult by a manager who had not won anything in club or country.

  10. England has made numerous mistakes by overlooking Gerrard for the Captaincy in my opinion.  Whilst i may be biased, allow me to demonstrate why Gerrard should have been amde Captain after beckham lost it in 2006, and why he should have been the captain at every opportuntiy since:

    Gerrard is a player who i think thrives on the responsibility.  There is no doubt his own level of performances almost overnight improved greatly when he replaced Hyypia as Liverpool Captain.  It was an inspired move which took his exceptional game to extraordinary heights.

    Gerrard has never been able to re-produce that form for England, we cann all agree on that.  But i think we would have seen a much better Gerrard (possibly too late now) if he was given a pivotal role for for England (i.e. captain and building the team around him).

    For me, players like Terry and Parker are already captains.  Putting an armband on them makes no difference to their level of performance or their attitude or influence in the dressing room.  However, rightly or wrongly, we have seen that Gerrard with the arm-band is a different player.

    So England really should have made him captain, try to get the best out of his talents by giving him a pivotal role and retained Terry and now Parker as influential figures in the camp.

    Gerrard is coming to the end of his International career now, but had this action been done in 2006 when it shoudl ahve been, i am convinced that at the very least we would have seen a more influential Gerrard for England.

  11. I agree if i were Gerrard i would retire with immediate effect after that dissrespect....The fact that he wont just proves once again what a great person he is and how commited he is to his country..and the class to be the first one to congratulate Parker...the guy is pure class.

  12. Theycallmemrburt2:56 pm, March 06, 2012

    I wouldn't have Gerrard as captain.  When Gerrard has the captaincy for club/country he doesn't bring out the best in others the captaincy only brings out the best in himself.  All this 'leads by example' stuff doesn't wash with me, we haven't had a genuine captain on the park since Ronnie Whelan.

  13. Theycallmemrburt3:17 pm, March 06, 2012

    lets be clear about this he wants his 100 caps and wont retire until he reaches his personal milestone.  Not necessarily a bad thing but most likely the way it is.

  14. Totally agree, he doesn't encourage other players, apart from insisting they pass to them and then haranguing them when things go wrong. Besides, he is too often injured, not playing well enough or often enough and no one has a God given right to the job. If he feels snubbed, then it seems he thinks he is entitled to the job. I think Parker is a good choice and for the next couple of years i think he will do a good job. There's usually a reason that things that have been tried 10 or more times do not work. If it made any difference at all, the signs are that England are not particularly good when Gerrard is captain. If it makes no difference, then who cares? One thing is for sure, there is no reason why the team should have better results this time than any other time when Gerrard has captained the team.

    Gerrard should be saving himself for Liverpool now in any case. On what he has shown so far this season, I'm not even convinced that he should be in team, let alone be captain. After this tournament, however, we should be looking forward and Terry, Gerrard, Ferdinand, Lampard and co should be saying goodbye to England. Of the old guard, only Ashley Cole should go on to the next World Cup, as he is so much better than any of his competitors still. 

  15. I agreed with the Parker choice as he is a solid player and is high up the pecking order now. Secondly, Parker isn't the full time captain for the Euros, he is captain for the friendly/friendlies before the new manager comes in. So its not a big deal. Thirdly, Gerrard is part of the laughable 'golden generation' group, so I wouldn't even have him in the first XI, let alone as captain. Fourthly, Stevie should simply concentrate on getting back to some sort of palatable form for the club first. He is on the wrong side of 30 and he has been mediocre at best in a Liverpool shirt this season. Maybe he should retire and focus on our club.

  16. from 2008 gerrard been realy shit and very dogy with the club and hes to fuckn snoty aswel he only play good against everton and manc, whats the point we keep him!!!!!!?????????? LFC YNWA

  17. I almost agree. What i think Gerrard shoud do is snub as long as a clueless Manager like Stuart Pearce is in the helm. England needs Stevie G. He leads by example.

  18. I like what you think of Gerrard. You're spot on. But I will beg Gerrard to not retire as he still has a good 3 to 4 good years ahead. And if for the club, A half fit Gerrard can do more damage to any team or contributes much more than a fully fit passenger Henderson who to me is a worse player than Carroll. The only reason he isn't criticized as much as Carroll is cause he isn't at the center stage as Carroll's position and massive pricetag due to his hiding shying away fom making mistakes and taking responsibility. What an expensive 1st class passenger. LFC always play 10men with him in the line-up. Sorry, I strayed. Can't help it.

  19. Right on, I would also like to add that when Gerrard did captain England, he scored quite a few goals. I'm surprised no one has picked up this stat.

  20. He played well in his last match. Give the guy a chance. Players like Downing and Henderson you expect more from. But Carroll, pleasseeeee. No hope. Guy sucks at controlling the ball. Can't play those accurate nippy passes Kuyt could with Suarez. And he isn't clinical in-front of goal. As well as lazy and slow. He thinks hes the Brazilian Ronaldo walking around the field about to turn it on any second. 

  21. He has certainly NOT been crap this season at all, he has just been injured, when he has played he has been very good as ALWAYS, i can't remember the last time he stringed 3 bad performances together on the trot.

    You wouldn't have him in the first 11?? your dumb as hell...apart from Rooney he is Englands best player..and have you ever heard of experience??

    Parker is a good player no doubt..but he captained Westham to relegation...he is also captain of a spurs side that haslost its nerve in the title race...Liverpool is full of expensive 'average' players...Jordan henderson £20 mill is a complete disgrace.
    Andy Carrol i have some sypathy for, but 35 mill is totally ridiculous...how was much was david villa? laughable.

    The way the clubs hierarchy are talking they have done the business they want for the next season or so, i think Dalglish is leading them up the garden path as the squad is clearly not good enough...we desperately need a world class winger..and a finisher in the mould of ROSSI, villa, hernandez, falcao, etc etc.

    Unless we can borow Wenger to do the summer signings for us this is as good as it gets fellas.