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Luis SUAREZ vs. Lucas LEIVA: Who is more important to Liverpool FC?

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes that injured midfielder Lucas Leiva is the 'equal' of Luis Suarez when it comes to impact on the team, but who is the more important player overall?

Carra, who has just come back from injury himself, argued:

"For the last 18 months, in my opinion, he has been our best player.

"He has been as good as anyone in the team this season and there is no question he will be a big miss.

"Luis Suarez has come in and done great things for the club but Lucas has been his equal in many ways.”

Suarez and Lucas are both excellent players, but who is more important to the team? Which player would be missed more?

Jaimie Kanwar

11 August 2014

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Tornike Khomeriki said...

Suarez IMO, as what Lucas does can be done by most decent central midfielders around. Mascherano was far better than Lucas but nobody compared his impact to that of Alonso or Torres, as their job is a bit harder than that of holding midfielder.

Joe said...

Lucas. They both score f*ck all, but at least Lucas helps stops other teams from battering us!

Ken said...

they both important in there own way,they do different jobs so it is very hard to compare, i would pick suarez because we have got other players who can play in midfield not as good but can fill the void up front we got no one who comes close to suarez,i dont think theres anyone in the prem who can. when it comes to mascherano i think lucas playes as well as him the only difference between them is a little thing called loyalty.as for that prick joe the blog at the top whos obviously a manc are they that crap he comes on are website.

Ross said...

joe, your not even a lfc fan u twat. BTW its a hard one, lucas in a great defensive mid whilst suarez is one of the bst forwards in the pl. In my opinion it has to be lucas and the reason is our performance vs chelsea. I know they didnt field a great squad but we have the likes of bellamy and maxi that can come in and do a good job 

Ken said...

go back to ur manc site u idiot are man u on there way down so u come to r site

Dsksj said...

Ollie Kay made a point that Lucas maybe better than Masch considering Lucas never had Alonso to play with...

Ken said...

what was wrong with them blogs

yahoo-X5CX25AU3ROVDAHOAWU2IX7DHI said...

Why do some people bring in OTHER players when it a simple question of Lucas/Suarez? It is ludicrous to start with as we might as well start going back to " Crazy Horse" and even pre him!

DavidK said...

Both players are critically important to Liverpool, but I agree with Carra here.

Suarez catches the eye because he's the focal point of our attack and grabs the headlines.
But Lucas has quietly become the rock on which all our midfield play now revolves round.
His recent displays in midfield have been nothing short of world class, and thats where most games are won or lost.

Make no mistake, its a critical loss for us and places a top four finish in real jeopardy.

Hoping our squad can adapt quickly, but if I'm honest, I think we'll struggle, especially against the better teams.

Jaimie K said...

At the moment, I would agree that Lucas is more important. Suarez has scored only 2 goals in the last 11 league games, and the 10 game unbeaten run is proof that the team can survive without his goals. However, if Suarez was scoring regularly, he would be more important (IMO). Goals win games and trophies.

Jaimie K said...

Agree, Tornike.  Lucas is a very good player but scoring goals is much harder, and arguably more important to the team. Okay, Suarez has only scored 2 goals in the last 11 games, but he'll come good :-)

hezer50 said...

Definitely Lucas for me, dont think anyone could do his job like he does it not even gerrard, dont get me wrong gerrard is probably the best player we've ever had but the job lucas does defensively is just priceless you could see how he stopped man city from playing all alone im fearing we'll miss him much more than we think, as for suarez its been a while hes not scoring and thats worrying he just lost his game a bit and hes not a good finisher cant stop wasting golden chances, hope he improves soon.

DavidK said...

That's why Suarez was able to be rested but not Lucas.
Loss of control in midfield would mean fewer scoring opportunities for our forwards.
Kenny needed Lucas there to make sure of midfield control, because that
would help ensure a steady supply of quality ball (and goalscoring
chances), for the forwards.
Therefore on that basis one could indeed argue Lucas is more important.

RedChica said...

Lucas is a very important player because he keeps our defence solid. He is a destroyer.
Suarez is very important because he is a creator: he makes things happen, he adds a thrill to our attack, and he is vital even if he does not manage to score sometimes.

The poll is incorrect because both are equally important. You can have a solid defence, but if you are not being creative in the attack, you are going nowhere. And likewise, you can be brilliant in the attck, but if the defence is wobbly, you're not going to win games.

Gadanusa said...

Agree with RedChica. They are both very important and vital for our Liverpool. You can't compare Suarez to Lucas, very different possitions, very different roles. They are both the best in their possitions in the Barclay League.

Louis Williams said...

lucas, he controlls games, defends well, wins almost all of his attempted tackles, chooses the right options, has a high pass completion rate and so far this year has being playing amazng pin point balls across the pitch. Best CM at contolling games in the premier league.

KA1991 said...

I refuse to answer the poll simply because i cant, they are both very important to the team. Suarez is the creative pulse of the team even if he is not scoring he is always involved and before the man city game i would have chose suarez. but without Lucas in that man city game we would have lost, he was by far the man of the match or at least liverpools best player. losing lucas will have an impact on liverpool but i beleive they play well without him still.
regarding the argument of mascherano and lucas, masherano was a better DEFENSIVE midfielder, but Lucas is by far the better Midfielder. Mascheranos tackling is probably on par with the best of defenders but his passing game compared to lucas is not good. 

Deaththekid said...

This is getting ridiculous! It seems like now lucas is even better than Suarez for some fools here...Seriously, you guys must either be kidding  or if not then you must certainly be delusional. What lucas brings to the team is very replacable. Any decent defensive midfielder must be able to intercept, tackle and pick some passes for his team mates. He is no better than jay spearing. Players like him exist by dozens...What Luis Suarez provides on the other hand is a rare commodity. Genius players like him, ronaldo, messi can single handedly win you matches. Players like that are rare. Every team dream of having players like that cause they are rare and not easily replacable. 
Last season lucas was supposedly our best player. What special impact did he have on the team, huh? Nothing! We still lost lots of matches, our best striker thought we were not good enough and he left and the manager even got sacked. Then what happened when suarez was bought, hmm? He single handedly won us most of our games by being the one creating all the chances and/or scoring. We had the best form in the league only second to chelsea. We beated most of the teams in the top 4. We climbed the table and narrowly finished out of a european qualifying place. Even players that were playing like crap, maxi kuyt meireless to name a few became good playing around suarez and started scoring superb volleys and hat tricks. Suarez is our best and most important player. Lucas is 100 years too early!

kirk dale said...

agree with you weve scored 17 goals in 13 games lets just see how many we score in the next 13 games with a n other whoever it might be in lucas,s place just do not get it all the fuss , people saying we,ll miss him more than we miss gerrard , and who,s the biggest asset him or suarez , pathetic

DanLFC said...

Do you guys suffer from special needs? How can you say he's replaceable/average and that Jay Spearing is just as good? He is the best CDM in EUROPE atm. Suarez isn't the best striker. We may have been scoring goals but we would have conceded a truck load more if Lucas wasn't protecting the back four. 

The only reason you see Suarez as more important is because he plays higher up the pitch.. THAT is pathetic. 

JayOne said...

50/50 on Suarez vs Lucas?!?! lmao And to think that Liverpool fan's were once considered more knowledgeable than most! (I'm not sure by whom though...)

Even with all the strides that he has made, the main reason that Lucas' loss will be felt a lot remains the fact that we don't have another experienced player in that position at all, not because he is some behemoth!

Pastor of Muppets said...

Luca, without a doubt. The current team was built around Lucas. Suarez was left out of the Carling cup tie against Chelsea and Bellamy and Maxi filled in nicely. Jay may be great defensively, but he doesn't set the ball rolling like Lucas does. Our plays always start with Reina, Lucas or Enrique. In the middle of the pitch, almost everything went through Lucas. Winning the ball aside, he often started our next attack with his next touch, if not the same touch. He may be no Alonso nor Mascherano, but he effectively combines their jobs for the team. Until his red card, Spearing ensured Danny Murphy never got into the attacking third, but until the ball fell to Adam, our midfield passes failed to set the tempo and we consequently failed to dominate the first half. Lucas ensures Suarez gets more ball and not the other way around. In his absence, all of our strikers had to track back more to collect the ball. Lucas also gives us a better chance of not losing than Suarez gives us of winning.

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