2 Dec 2011

"Pepe Reina has always had that problem, and I think he realises it..."

Pepe Reina once went 11 games without conceding a goal for Liverpool, a fantastic achievement that illustrates his prodigious ability between the sticks. This season, Reina hasn't been as lucky, but he's still been integral to the club's excellent 11 game unbeaten run. Liverpool legend Gary Gillespie is a big fan of Reina, but argues that he still needs to improve one specific area of his game.

Many fans insist the Reina is the best goalkeeper in the league; indeed, in a Poll on the club's official site a few weeks ago, fans voted Reina the best keeper in the club's history (!).

Gary Gillespie disagreed with that poll result, and he highlighted one area of Reina's game that still needs work:

"I've gone on record as saying that I think Pepe Reina is probably the best goalkeeper in the Premier League, if not the world, but I see him on a regular basis.

"The one flaw I would say Pepe has is coming for cross balls; he's always had that problem, and I think he realises it".

I agree - I never really feel comfortable watching Reina come for crosses, but as long as his flapping doesn't lead to opposition goals (like David James, for example), I guess it's not so much of a problem.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I am sick of this web site using negative headlines  to try and get extra hits. I will not read anything  you say. Call yourself a fan?????

  2. Ray Clemence best Liverpool goalie I've ever seen and Bruce wasn't to bad either , Pepe not a bad un if he does make a mistake he doesn't let it haunt him it's done and gone unlike dudek who went to bits