2 Dec 2011

CRAIG BELLAMY: "Liverpool is a much better place with him around..."

Carling Cup hero Craig Bellamy is a big fan of veteran Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, and he's thankful to be playing alongside him during his second spell at Anfield.

Like Carra, Bellamy is never short of an opinion or two, both on and off the field, and he appreciates his vice-captain's honest, no-nonsense approach to life at Anfield, as he told LFC TV:

"Carra's been there for a lot of years and he's big figure at the club. He's very vocal, and he's got the best banter.

"He's a great person to have there because he always gives you his opinion, and to me, that's important because if you've got something to say, you say it; don't be saying it in the showers when people can't hear you.

"The club's a much better place with him around".

Former Liverpool defender Gary Gillespie believes it will be hard for Carra to get back into the team:

"Defensively, Agger and Skrtel have looked solid in all the games we've seen them play.

"Jamie's just coming back from injury, and he has no god-given right to get back int the side, even though his leadership qualities are special".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Liverpool is a better place full stop and Bellamy is a big reason for that!!!!!

  2. When interviewed after the 1-1 draw with Everton in 2004, Bellamy said:

    "I know I get a lot more goals playing with Patrick"

    Realising what he had just said, he tried to go back as the reporter asked:

    "So you're saying Patrick rather than Alan Shearer, is that what you're saying?"

    Bellamy, with a cheeky grin on his face, started to explain himself, talking faster than normal:

    "No, No, No, I knew you were going to say that, I was just about to say before you took the microphone away"

    "No, Alan is a great player and god you know..."

    "Im a very fortunate person even if I play with...whoever it is but obviously you've out me in a right rut at the moment"

    To which the reporter replied:

    "I think you did that yourself"

    CRAIG BELLAMY=LEGEND KILLER.  What he says about Carra having no divine right to play and what he said about Shearer in the past speaks volumes for the man.  He Crawls to no one.

  3. theycallmemrburt.....its Gary Gillespie who said that carra has no good given right....not bellamy

  4. i have to agree with gary gillespie, agger and skrtel do look very solid at the mo and carra may struggle, having said that carra was solid at chelsea but also, and prehaps more importantly, coates looked supurb.Fantastic in the air, strong in the challenge and despite the early chelsea penelty claim (which i must say i do believe was a pen) some first class tackles and i think the true question is who plays beside our best defender (agger imo), while skrtel holds this role at the moment i think that coates is prehaps the one who should be playing first team. I love carra but there is no denying he is nearing the end and should be looked upon as more of a teacher to the others than anything else.

  5. Oh...I mean...well done lieutenant... I was just testing...errr keep up the good work......;-)

  6. I agree with the bulk of that but I don't think its fair to drop Skrtel.  What more can he do?  Since he paired up with Agger they have taken on some of the best the country has to offer and come out smelling of roses.  Coates at 6ft 6" is a potential monster and when he gets his chance either through injury or loss of form to Skrtel or Agger should be given the chance to stay in the team.  I don't think we should reward Skrtels recent success by dropping him...that privilege is for Maxi and Maxi alone :-)

  7. i agree he shouldnt be dropped, i am a big fan of skrtel and think that, like lucas, has come on leaps and bounds as a player, all be it quieter and i do think that he has earned his place in the starting 11 however i do believe there is an argument that (prehaps) of our 4 centerbacks skrtel is (prehaps) the worse of them whilst still being a very very good player. i just believe that coates is the future of our back 4 and it is important to get him as much game time as possible to 'bed him in'. i would also point out that we as a fan base seem to have forgotten about a certain young Mr Wilson who i also believe to be a very good player also young andre wisdom coming up through the ranks. i suppose my main point is that we currently have a wealth of options at the back all of whom are exciting and for the most part still young, i think there are very exciting times for liverpool ahead and it is so promising to see the depth we now currently possess not just at the back but all over the pitch. what a change from 1 year ago and i think credit  must be given not just to messers dalglish, clarke and keen but also to our entire back room staff, scouts and board members and a big mention to Mr Henry who has made it all possible. we are not the finished article yet but giant steps have been taken in the right direction. YNWA to staff and fans alike.

  8. Ya, Carra has a place in the history of the club.

  9. Carra is a legend but he is in the final part of his great career as a footballer. I think he could stay at LFC for a year or two like an option of experience and quality in the bench and a teacher for the young ones... I wish for him to end as a winner of our 19 title!!! Now, when we are talking about LFC's central defending there is only one name: Daniel Agger!!! Everyone is looking better when is playing with him! Carragher, Skrtel etc. Coates in a genuine talent, Wilson must have more chances, he is an outstanding CB and of course don't forget Martin Kelly!!! I'm so excited about LFC future!!! YNWA