9 May 2017

Deal Close: Carra rejects Liverpool transfer for 'fantastic' £25m star; claims he's not good enough

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has delivered a withering verdict on Jurgen Klopp's reported top defensive target.

On Monday, The Mirror claimed:

"Liverpool are closing in on the £25m capture of Michael Keane. Personal terms have been agreed [and] Jurgen Klopp is confident of closing the deal".

When asked last about Keane during Monday Night football, Carra argued that a move to Liverpool from Burnley is too big of a 'jump' for Keane, and suggested that the 24-year old is not good enough for LFC. He explained:

"I don't think he's quite at that level. Is he better than Matip or Lovren? I think he's at the same level [but] if you're paying £25m, you want to put him straight in your team to make a massive difference."

It's patently obvious that Keane is yet another second-tier player, just like Can, Lallana, Mignolet, Moreno, Lucas et al, and as I've argued many times, Liverpool will win nothing of significance with players like this starting the majority of games.

Improving the defence is arguably Liverpool's top priority this summer, and it's galling to see that Klopp's solution is to spend £25m on a one-season wonder with zero top-level experience. Keane is a gamble, and after years of defensive regression, Liverpool cannot afford to gamble, especially in a possible Champions League year.

From Klopp's point of view, the signing makes perfect sense, though. Coming from a lower level team, Keane will be compliant; easy to control; possibly over-awed, and will pose no threat to Klopp's paternalistic hold on the squad.

In other words, more of the same.


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