2 Apr 2017

Redknapp raves: 'Brilliant' £60m Liverpool star destroyed Everton, but Klopp made a mistake 'rushing' him back

Ex-Red Jamie Redknapp has joined the growing chorus of praise for resurgent Liverpool attacker Philippe Coutinho.

Analysing Liverpool's 3-1 victory over Sky Sports last night, Redknapp hailed Coutinho's 'immaculate' performance, but suggested that Jurgen Klopp is at fault for his recent period of middling form. He insisted:

"Because of the importance of what Coutinho brings, maybe he got rushed back [by Klopp], and didn't find his touch. He was brilliant against Everton, though. I didn’t expect him to be so good today".

Klopp has a history of rushing players back from injury, and given the lack of depth in Liverpool's squad, Klopp's desire to have Coutinho back in the team ASAP is certainly understandable.

Redknapp went into full-on sycophant mode with his praise of Coutinho, describing him as 'magnificent' three separate times, and risibly claiming he was 'privileged' to be in the stadium to witness his performance.

Jeez, pass the sick bag. Yes, Coutinho had a good game, but that's only his second league goal in SIXTEEN games, and in the grand scheme of things, one great game in four months means nothing.

Coutinho is on £150k-a-week, so he should be delivering these kind of performances on a regular basis, not once in a blue moon. Furthermore, that level of performance should be expected, no - demanded - by the fanbase. That's the expectation that must be expected when a player is paid such an obscene salary.

As part of his starry-eyed gush-fest, Redknapp also claimed that Coutinho's goal is one of the 'goals of the season'. Is he right?

* Coutinho: £60m-rated.


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