21 Apr 2017

Molby Warns: I'll be 'amazed' if 'exceptional' £30m star is 'still at Liverpool' next season

Liverpool face Crystal Palace this weekend, and fortunately, in-form Reds outcast Mamadou Sakho is ineligible to play. Sakho is nailed-on to leave the club this summer, and according to Anfield legend Jan Molby, he's no great loss.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo today, Molby insisted:

"I don't have a problem with Klopp's decision on Sakho. We're in a healthy position, and it looks like we'll qualify for the CL. I'd be amazed if he's still at Liverpool [next season]".

Despite being turned into a pariah by Jurgen Klopp, Sakho still wants to resume his Liverpool career. Speaking to Telefoot on last week, he noted:

“I still have a contract for three more years. If I were to wear the Liverpool jersey again, I would be happy to do so".

No chance. Klopp is too stubborn to reverse his decision, so it's game over for Sakho. Klopp went so far off the deep end with his treatment of Sakho that he's made a rod for his own back, and allowing the defender back in the team now will be tantamount to admitting he was wrong, and that 'aint happening.

On a related note: Over the last year, some ignorant Liverpool fans have persistently claimed that the entirely legal fat-burner Sakho took last year was - at the time of taking - on the WADA banned list.

I have repeatedly debunked this spurious myth with factual evidence, but still, these clueless fans (some of whom, in my opinion, are driven by the same latent racism that led to endless criticism and character assassination of Sturridge, Balotelli, Benteke etc) refuse to accept it.

Well, UEFA have now released their official report on the matter, and the organisation has categorically confirmed that Higenamine was NOT ON THE BANNED LIST:

"Higenamine is not expressly mentioned by name on Wada’s prohibited list. It is not possible for anyone, laboratory disciplinary body, football player or otherwise to know whether or not Higenamine is a prohibited substance by reading WADA's prohibited list. The fact that the Cologne laboratory tested for Higenamine but had to check with WADA before making a determination indicates a problem, as does the fact that the Lausanne laboratory does not test for it".

The fat-burning supplement (that contained Higenamine) was provided to Sakho by his fitness instructor, who assured him that it wasn't on the banned list (which is TRUE, as UEFA have confirmed). Sakho was perfectly entitled to rely on the advice of a fitness professional, and in doing that, he completed all the due diligence necessary. Sakho was CLEARED by UEFA, and Liverpool expressly stated that he 'did not commit any doping violation'.

Sakho did nothing wrong. End of story. Arguing otherwise is just pure ignorance.

* Sakho: £30m-rated. Hailed by Gary Lineker as an 'exceptional defender'.


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