29 Apr 2017

Done Deal: Jurgen Klopp confirms Liverpool have signed up 'absolutely outstanding' £20m star to a new long-term deal

Another day, another long-term contract for an inconsistent Liverpool player who should, ideally, be a squad player.

In recent months, both Adam Lallana and Simon Mignolet have been handsomely rewarded (with fat new contracts) for their endless inconsistency, and after a sub-par performance against Crystal Palace, it's now for Dejan Lovren to receive a pay-rise for failing to progress over the last 3 years. Welcome to Liverpool FC, folks!

According to a statement on Liverpool's official website:

"Dejan Lovren has today signed a new long-term contract with Liverpool Football Club".

Jurgen Klopp's reaction:

"I am really happy about this decision. If Dejan played for another club, you would think about signing him [and] to pay for him...would be a lot - a big sum of money".

Lovren's reaction:

"I am glad I will be a part of this team for the future. We are a really talented team with many special players, an amazing manager, the club is fantastic".

*Sigh* Liverpool will *never* win the league or Champions League with players like Lovren, Lallana, Can, and Mignolet starting every week. Ideally, they should be squad players, but they're the freakin' spine of Klopp's team, and for me, that's a major problem.

When Klopp signed for Liverpool, I really hoped he'd be strong enough to relegate the likes of Mignolet, Lallana, Can, and Lovren to squad player status; instead, he wants to build his team around players who've condemned the Reds to 6th and 8th place finishes in the last two seasons (!)

Well, Jurgen, if you persist with Lovren et al as first-team regulars next season, it'll be your funeral.

* Lovren: Hailed by Gary Neville as 'absolutely outstanding'. Cost Liverpool £20m


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