9 Apr 2017

Anfield Stunner: 'Excellent' Liverpool outcast is now one of the best in Europe. Amazing stats

One of Liverpool's much maligned former players is having a superb season following his Anfield exit last summer.

During his time at Liverpool, Aussie 'keeper Brad Jones spent most of his time warming the bench, and over his five year spell at the club, he averaged just seven appearances a season.

The one time he got the chance at a run in the team (Dec 2014, when Brendan Rodgers dropped Mignolet), he got injured 10 days later and couldn't capitalise on the opportunity.

Well, Jones - hailed as 'excellent' by Feyenoord boss Giovanni Van Bronckhorst - has proved his doubters wrong this season, and his stats for Feyenoord this year show that he's currently one of the most effective goalkeepers in Europe.

* Jones: 27 GC in 37 games (One every 127 mins). 18 clean sheets (67% of games)

Absolutely stunning stats, especially when compared with some of Europe's best 'keepers:

* Neuer: 19 GC in 37 apps (One every 175 mins). 19 CS (51% of games)

* Buffon: 22 GC in 35 apps (One every 142 mins). 17 CS (48% of games)

* Oblak: 20 GC in 30 apps (One every 132 mins). 16 CS (53% of games)

* Courtois: 25 GC in 32 apps (One every 115 mins). 14 CS (43% of games)

* Lloris: 29 GC in 35 apps (One every 106 mins). 14 CS (40% of games)

* De Gea: 35 GC in 39 apps (One every 100 mins). 13 CS (37% of games)

* Stegen: 35 GC in 37 apps (One every 95 mins). 15 CS (43% of games)

And coming up the rear...

* Mignolet: 29 GC in 25 apps (One every 77 mins). 6 CS (21% of games)

Only Neuer, Buffon, and Oblak have a better minutes-per-goal conceded ratio, and Jones beats them all when it comes to clean sheets this season.

In December 2014, Reds legend Mark Lawrenson claimed that Jones 'wasn't good enough' for Liverpool, and in response, I posted a lengthy stats-based defence debunking that contention. The stats clearly showed that Jones was a more effective 'keeper than Mignolet, but as usual, fans refused to accept it.

Well, Jones clearly had a point to prove this season, and he's done that in spades, and just like in 2014, his stats show beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a more effective goalkeeper than Mignolet (and most others in Europe).

This is what sometimes happens when you show some faith in a player and give him a consistent chance to prove himself.


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