11 Apr 2017

Message to Klopp: 'Excellent' striker who's 'like Luis Suarez' admits he 'loves Liverpool. Sign?

Liverpool are in dire need of a new striker this summer (or maybe even two), and one of Ligue Two's most prolific goalscorers has now thrown his hat into the ring as a possible transfer option.

Speaking to France Football this week, Troyes striker Adama Niane revealed his admiration for Liverpool:

“I particularly love...Liverpool. I’ve always watched Liverpool games. Their style of play, Anfield, the atmosphere, the way the fans cheer on their team, I like it all.”

Some info about Niane:

* 23-year old striker. Contract expires: 2018

* This season: 25 goals/assists in 27 apps (One every 88 mins)

* Dec 2016: On his current club: "Troyes changed my life, but in football, I have not yet accomplished anything. I have to work. I still have plenty to do, but I will get there".

* Dec 2016: On his style of play: "I am an attacker who doesn't give, and runs a lot. I have an attacking profile like Luis Suarez".

* Troyes coach Jean-Louis Garcia's assessment: "Niane is an excellent striker, and his defensive game is also interesting. He's good at tackling, pressuring defenses, and protects the ball well".

A striker who 'runs a lot', and is 'good at tackling'? Jurgen Klopp will be salivating with excitement when he reads Niane's comments. At Dortmund, Klopp signed some top players from no-name teams, so there's always a chance that he may take an interest in Niane, who will undoubtedly be a (comparatively) cheap option.


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