13 Mar 2017

Insane Transfer: Boss keen to sign 'fantastic' £30m attacker to replace Liverpool flop

West Ham boss Slaven Bilic is reportedly keen to sign one of Liverpool's most injury ravaged players this summer.

Reds striker Daniel Sturridge is currently injured (again), and according to Sky Sports today:

"West Ham are planning to sell Andy Carroll in the summer and replace him with Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge".

So, let's get this straight: West Ham plan to replace one of their most injury prone players with...Liverpool's most injury prone player? Talk about jumping out of the frying pan and straight into fire. You couldn't make it up!

You'd think that Bilic and co would've learned their lesson with Carroll (9 injuries at West Ham; 780 days on the sidelines; 103 games missed) but clearly not if the Londoners want Sturridge, whose injury record is almost as bad.

You have to question the thought process behind ridiculous decisions like this; in what universe does it make sense to replace one injury prone player with another? Signing Sturridge is not a calculated risk; it's an act of transfer negligence, and if there's one thing guaranteed with the England striker it's this: he WILL get injured, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

That said, if West Ham want to throw money at Liverpool to relieve the club of it most injured player, then bring it on. I'm a massive fan of Sturridge, but it's sadly time for him to become some other physio's problem.

^ Sturridge: £30m-rated. Dec 2016: Hailed as 'fantastic' by Lee Dixon.


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