23 Mar 2017

Message to Klopp: 'Exceptional' €31m attacker admits he's desperate to 'play' for 'Liverpool' as a 'striker'

One of Liverpool's bit-part players has revealed his frustration with a lack of game time at Anfield this season.

Divock Origi is one of a number of Liverpool players on international duty this week, and speaking to Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsbald on Wednesday, Origi made it clear that he's desperate for more game time:

"Sitting on the bench, there are times that you get down. I know what I can do. I play at a top club in Liverpool. I can play in different positions, but I see myself as a striker. I want the same progression as Romelu [Lukaku] and I'm working for it."

To be fair, Origi loss of confidence is hardly surprising. Earlier in the season, he scored in 5 consecutive games, but after just two games without scoring, Klopp dumped him on the bench, and that's where he's been ever since.

Origi probably believed that scoring in 5 consecutive games might've earned him an extended run in the team, especially with Liverpool lacking strikers, but think again!

I'm no great fan of Origi, but I am in favour of the merit system, and the Belgian striker arguably earned the right to an extended run. Instead, in another display of questionable man-management, Klopp discarded Origi, and failed to build on his momentum. Meanwhile, the likes of Lallana and Firmino can go 10-15 games without a goal, and retain their places. It's called favouritism.

As for following in Lukaku's footsteps - that's only going to happen if Klopp plays Origi week-in, week-out in his favoured central striker position, and with Firmino in the squad - and the possibility of a big-money striker arriving in the summer, that isn't going to happen.

I have little sympathy for Origi, though. Like so many other starry-eyed young players, he damaged his development by following the money to a big club far too soon. He could've been playing every week for Lille over the last two season, but instead, he chose to rot away on Liverpool's bench. Origi made his bed, now he's forced to lie in it.

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* €31m-rated (CIES Football Observatory). Described as 'exceptional' by Owen Hargreaves.


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