27 Mar 2017

Next 'Ibrahimovic'? Klopp wants 'incredible' £8m striker who's told friends he'll sign for Liverpool

Liverpool reportedly remain interested in signing Chelsea contract rebel Dominic Solanke.

Last month, The Mirror claimed:

"Dominic Solanke...has told friends he will join Liverpool [who] will be forced to pay a tribunal fee as high as £8m".

Soon after, the Daily Mail added:

"Chelsea have refused to meet Solanke's £50,000-a-week wage demands".

Antonio Conte also confirmed that Solanke 'will' probably leave, and according to The Mirror on Sunday:

"RB Leipzig have joined Liverpool and Munich in their pursuit of the Dominic Solanke".

Another pampered, overly entitled millenial with a grossly inflated sense of self-worth? No thanks. Solanki is 19 - what exactly has he achieved in the game to warrant a £50k-a-week salary? Nothing is the answer.

The allegedly 'incredible' Solanke has made just ONE solitary first-team performance for Chelsea, and he already seemingly believes that he's arrived, and is worth a massive salary. Obviously, he is mistaken, and Chelsea are right to reject his greedy salary demand.

All of which begs the question: Why are Liverpool interested? After the Raheem Sterling fiasco, the club should steer clear of players who are clearly motivated by money, and Solanke is obviously more interested in money than development.

On a related note: Liverpool already have Origi, and several Academy strikers coming through, so what's the point in signing another teenager? If the Reds sign a striker, it should be he finished article, not another player who may or may not come good at some undetermined point in the future.

* Oct 2015: Described as 'like Ibrahimovic' by ex-Vitesse Arnhem star Ferdi Vierklau


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