5 Mar 2017

Great News for Liverpool: Klopp drops huge 'transfer' hint; confirms he wants to sign 'two to six players'

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that he has the money to upgrade Liverpool's understrength squad during the upcoming summer transfer window.

Speaking to The Guardian this week, Klopp admitted that he must 'improve the squad' this summer, and insisted that Liverpool 'will spend money' to achieve that. He explained:

"We are working on [transfers] already, and we need between two and six players. We need to make the right transfers. It is not about money, we can go for the players we want".

This comment dispels the spurious myth that FSG refuse to back Klopp in the transfer market. As Klopp states (again), money is not the issue for Liverpool - the problems Liverpool face in the market are (according to Klopp) as follows:

"At the very top level you might be competing with Barcelona. Some players would rather live in London or Manchester instead of Liverpool, so we have to make a decision and try and make it happen".

In my view, Liverpool's transfer priorities are (or should be) as follows (in order of urgency):

* Centre-back (Experienced, top-class performer; tough and vocal; leadership ability)

* Defensive-midfielder (Proven quality; rarely injured; strong personality; leadership ability).

* Striker (Finished article; proven quality; rarely injured)

* Goalkeeper (Proven quality; strong, Schmeichel-esque personality; unafraid to order defenders around, bark instructions, and lead from the back)

* Left-back (Defensively solid; pace; not prone to rash challenges like Moreno)

* 2x Attacking players (capable of providing genuine width).

It would be great if Liverpool could get away with signing just 'two players', but the reality is that the squad needs major surgery, and a big influx of players means even more transition time next season.

Who should Liverpool try and sign?


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