4 Feb 2017

'Awful': Shearer/Carra etc slate 'hugely disappointing' Liverpool fiasco; angry Klopp admits he must make changes 'immediately'

England legend Alan Shearer has slated Liverpool's abject performance at Hull City today.

Reacting to the Reds' damaging 2-0 defeat, Shearer tweeted:

"Liverpool were awful again defensively and looked very tired going forward. Hull were brilliant, and so well organised".

Some other post-match reaction:

* Jurgen Klopp: "We gave easy goals away and we didn’t play the first half as we should have. We have to take the criticism. We expect more from ourselves and we have to show more. It is my responsibility [and] we have to change immediately.".

* Jim Beglin: "What is it about Liverpool after some of the bigger games this season? Hugely disappointing".

* Neil Mellor: "Disappointing to hear LFC result. Didn't produce with all key players back involved and having taken what felt a step forward v Chelsea"

* Carra: "Same problems today we've seen in the last few weeks. Top 4 will be gone if it doesn't change".

* Jurgen Klopp: "I have to watch the game again, I need to understand it better. Both the goals really looked like presents in how we created the corner [for the first goal] and then of course the counter-attack for the second goal. It was not too nice to watch".

* Djimi Traore: "So far 2017 it's no good for Liverpool. Lack of leadership on that team".

Whoa. Things must be bad if Djimi Traore is chiming in (!)

On a related note: midway through the second half, James Milner blazed a shot over the bar, and then immediately received a barrage of sideline criticism from Klopp. Clearly upset at what he deemed to be unfair criticism, Milner had the temerity to respond in kind.

Five minutes later, Klopp subbed off Milner - one of the team's most consistent players - and replaced him with Alberto Moreno, a defensive liability who has barely played all season. Coincidence? Perhaps, but to me, it looks like Milner got subbed off for having the temerity to backtalk Klopp. I mean, how dare he express an opinion to Liverpool's almighty manager?!

Expect Milner to be on the bench in one of the next few games.


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