10 Jan 2017

Deal Close: Liverpool in 'talks' to agree transfer for 'exceptional' £20m star marginalised by Klopp

Liverpool are close to sealing a deal with Sevilla for one of Jurgen Klopp's most high-profile fringe players.

According to Sky Sports today:

"Talks are continuing between Liverpool and Sevilla over Mamadou Sakho. Liverpool’s stance remains unchanged: they want a permanent deal, and £20m".

I maintain that Klopp's continued isolation of Sakho is disrespectful and unwarranted. He made his mistakes, and paid the price, so continually marginalising the defender smacks of vindictiveness and/or holding a grudge.

That said, even if Sakho returned to the fold, it's unlikely he'd make the first XI (especially with Klopp at the helm), and after rejecting a move in the summer (as he was entitled to do), I doubt Sakho will think twice about leaving now.

I also find it amusing that Liverpool (allegedly) have the neck to demand a £20m fee. Klopp has spent the last six months making Sakho look like a massive problem player, by criticising him in public; kicking him off the summer tour; forcing him to train alone and/or with the U23s, and and marginalising him from the first team squad. Now, Liverpool expect a premium price for player who's been treated like a pariah, and hasn't played a first team game in nine months. You couldn't make it up.

If the deal fails due to the club's financial demands, Sakho will cost Liverpool £80k-a-week until the next transfer window opens, and he'll be paid that ridiculous amount for sitting on the bench. Nice work if you can get it. Of course, Klopp can chisel off the giant chip on his shoulder at any time and utilise Sakho, but that's unlikely to happen. Clearly, even with constant injuries, Klopp would rather cut his nose off to spite his face.

^ Apr 2016: Hailed by Gary Lineker as an 'exceptional defender'. £20m-rated


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