3 Jan 2017

Redknapp raves: 'Sensational' midfielder who had 'contact with Liverpool' is worth '£50m+'. Agree...?

Another day, another example of grossly irresponsible hyperbole from Jamie Redknapp, a Jedi Master when it comes to fanning the flames of overhype.

Speaking to Sky Sports last night, Redknapp hyped up Spurs star Deli Alli to a ridiculous degree, claiming that Alli will 'become one of the best midfielders in the world'. He further gushed:

"He [Alli] is now a £50m-plus player. He scores goals, he makes goals and he's got that devilment that all good midfielders possess. He's a sensational footballer. It's amazing to see how he's become of the best players around".

Urgh. Pass me the sick bag. As usual, as soon as an English player displays the slightest bit of talent, he's lionised and deified like he's the second coming of Maradona.

And, as is always the case, when it comes to international duty with England, Alli will crash and burn just like so many overhyped and overpaid British players of the past.

Just watch: When World Cup 2018 comes around, Alli - who confirmed last month that he had 'contact with Liverpool' prior to his Spurs move - will hyped as England's great hope, but just like at Euro 2016, he'll struggle to impose himself.

In my view, only a mug would pay '£50m-plus' for a 20-year old midfielder who's achieved next to nothing in the game, and Redknapp et al do Alli no favours by hyping him up so much. That said, Alli should follow Gareth Bale's example and quit the Premier League for La Liga. Playing in a different league will sharpen his skill-set, and make him a much better player. Plus, it'll prove whether he's actually as good as Redknapp et al claim.


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