22 Jan 2017

Forget It: Anfield legend rejects Liverpool plan to sign 'outstanding' £30m international. Agree?

Liverpool legend Steve McManaman has rejected Jurgen Klopp's alleged plan to sign another England player this summer.

On Wednesday, Italian newspaper TuttoSport claimed that Liverpool are currently in talks with Man City about possible summer deal for £30m-rated goalkeeper Joe Hart, but according to Macca:

"I really don't think [the transfer] will happen. Don't get me wrong I think he's a great goalkeeper, but at this moment I don't think so."

From your mouth to the transfer Gods' ears, Macca! In my view, signing Hart is a retrograde step. If he's not good enough for Man City, and he can't keep his nerve on the biggest stage (i.e. Euro 2016, when his mistakes basically led to England's exit), then why is he good enough to take Liverpool to the next level?

Macca's ex-teammate, Jamie Carragher, has a different view, though, and he's publicly supported the signing on three separate occasions. Last month, for example, Carra enthused:

"If somebody said to me, 'you can go and get Joe Hart,' I would do it. If I was Jurgen Klopp I would do it. If they get the chance to get a goalkeeper with Premier League titles, you do it."

To me, this smacks of Brit solidarity rather than unbiased decision-making, and with any luck, Klopp's view on the subject will mirror McManaman's.

* Described by Brendan Rodgers as an 'outstanding' goalkeeper.


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