23 Jan 2017

'It's Close': Jurgen Klopp reveals Liverpool 'transfer' status and confirms he 'wants' to sign the 'right player'

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has provided an update on the club's January transfer plans, and it's not encouraging.

When asked on Saturday about his current transfer plans, Klopp confirmed that he is trying to 'bring players in', but claimed that it's 'pretty difficult' to find the 'right player' to sign. He explained:

"The players we want because we think they help us, the clubs don’t sell. It is not about money, it is the winter transfer market. It’s close, but if the right decision is not possible, then you cannot make the wrong transfer".

Klopp's (regular) claim that it's difficult to sign players in January is an increasingly tenuous excuse:

* Given the deficiencies in Liverpool's squad (no quality left-back cover; no experienced wingers bar Mane; Sturridge's injury record; injury prone defenders; no dedicated DM etc), Klopp should've been identifying targets since last summer.

* Klopp also could've signed the right players last summer, and not gambled on an unbalanced squad.

* Many clubs - including Liverpool - have signed top players in the winter market (Sturridge, Coutinho, Suarez, Mascherano etc), so it can be done.

If Klopp can't find any suitable/available players this month, then that's his failure, and his alone. That said, even without any new signings, the current squad is (arguably) strong enough to finish in the top four, but that's only if the club's big players remain uninjured for the rest of the season.

If Lallana, Coutinho, Firmino, Mane, Henderson, and Matip can play together consistently between now and May, then Liverpool can finish in the top four, but given recent injury history, that's unlikely to happen.


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