13 Dec 2016

Massive Liverpool Boost: €30m 'diamond' who played with Firmino confirms he wants transfer to the Prem

Liverpool have been handed a massive boost in their pursuit of one of Jurgen Klopp's top transfer targets.

Earlier this month, The Mirror claimed that Liverpool are still tracking Hoffenheim defender Niklas Sule, with Eurosport further claiming:

"Niklas Süle will probably leave Hoffenheim. Keeping him the summer is extremely unlikely, and the chances are good that he'll leave the club for a record fee, just like Roberto Firmino".

When asked this week about his future, Sule made it clear that transfer is definitely on the horizon. Speaking to Corriere Dello Sport, he noted:

“Milan and Inter? Going to one of them would be a step back, as for years they've been struggling to qualify for Europe. They've lost the magic that made them special. They had great players in the past but the clubs are in decline. I'd prefer the Premier League."

What a pathetically crass thing to say. Sule just alienated millions of inter/Milan fans with these comments, and dissed the players of both clubs by basically suggesting that neither team has any 'great players'. Even if Sule thinks like this, he shouldn't be saying such things in public.

In my view, Sule's comments display a staggering lack of self-awareness, and a level of entitled, unearned arrogance that's typical of so many undereducated modern footballers. What has Sule ever done in the game that allows him to diss two great European clubs in this manner?

Plus, it's clear that Sule doesn't have the stomach for a fight. He'd rather take the easy option than deign to help a 'struggling' club try and recover its former glory. Sule's statement could similarly apply to Liverpool, who've also been struggling to qualify for Europe, and haven't won the league for almost 27 years.

Perhaps €30m-rated Sule - who played alongside Firmino between 2013 and 2015 - privately thinks this way about the Reds, too?

Thanks, but no thanks. I'm against Liverpool signing players with this kind of attitude.

* Dec 2015: Described as a diamond by Hoffenheim general manager Alexander Rosen.


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