16 Dec 2016

Disaster for Klopp: 'Brilliant' £100k-a-week Liverpool star 'cannot sprint' and may miss Everton/Stoke games

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has provided an injury update on Joel Matip, and it doesn't sound like good news.

When asked today about Matip's fitness, Klopp confirmed that he has an 'ankle problem', and hinted that he may not be back until the Manchester City game on December 31st. He told reporters:

"It's painful and we cannot push him through. He did parts of the training before the Middlesbrough game but in the end he said, 'I cannot sprint' so it makes no sense [to use him]. We are in really intense conversations about this".

Liverpool handled Matip's absence against Middlesbrough with aplomb, but that's hardly surprising given the fact 'Boro are the lowest scoring team in England (in all four divisions).

The worry here is that 'brilliant' Matip is developing a recurring ankle problem. The German had surgery in the summer to remove a screw in his ankle from a previous injury, and soon after signing for Liverpool, he suffered a reactionary ankle issue.

Now, Matip's ankle is causing issues yet again, and it's probably not a coincidence. With this is mind, is it prudent to bring in another centre-back? Of course, Klopp could put his raging grudge against Mamadou Sakho aside, and utilise the French defender, but for whatever reason, that's unlikely to happen.

Klavan and Lovren it is, then. Or Lovren and Lucas *shudder*

* Matip: Reportedly on £100k-a-week


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