24 Dec 2016

Anfield Update: Jurgen Klopp drops huge Liverpool 'transfer' hint

With the transfer window fast approaching, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has once again reiterated that he is open to signing new players in January.

When asked today if he is planning to sign any new players in January, Klopp - clearly weary of the constant questioning on the subject - told reporters:

“We always have an eye on the market. If there is something that makes sense and is possible [we will act] but there is not only China which could [prevent] a transfer, there’s other clubs. We want players who are ready to develop. If somebody wants to be part of this team they’re very welcome".

My question is this: with Liverpool flying high in the league, and in with a great chance of actually challenging for the title, why wouldn't Klopp want to strengthen the team to ensure the momentum continues?

The Reds may be second in the league, but with only 3 wins in the last 6 league games, points are being dropped. Plus, with Sadio Mane's impending absence, and injuries already chipping away at the club's ability to maintain a title challenge, it is surely essential to consolidate the current position of strength?

In my view, it's a mistake to gamble in the current squad over the next five months. Klopp's loyalty to his players is admirable, but foolhardy, and if he chooses to put his faith in injury prone players, and square pegs in round holes, then it'll be his (and Liverpool's) funeral.

Additionally, Klopp's constant moaning about how hard it is to sign good players in January is a barely credible excuse. Many clubs - including Liverpool - have signed top players in the winter market (Sturridge, Coutinho, Suarez, Mascherano etc), so it can be done.

Given the makeup of Liverpool's squad (no left-back cover; no experienced wingers bar Mane; Sturridge's injury record etc), Klopp should've been planning for the January market since the summer, and if he can't find anyone suitable, then that's his failure, and his alone.


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