5 Dec 2016

Shut Up: Klopp slams Liverpool legend for TV attack on 'outstanding' €18m LFC star

Jurgen Klopp has rebuked Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher over his criticism of Loris Karius.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the Reds 4-3 defeat at Bournemouth, Carra scathed:

“In eight starts for Liverpool he [Karius] has not shown me one thing to suggest he’s good enough at this level. He’s miles away.”

In his post-match press conference, Klopp dismissed Carra's comments, when he told reporters:

“If you make mistakes you get criticised. That’s what happens in life. I’m sure people criticised Jamie Carragher in his career. The last goal was not easy for a goalkeeper. It says nothing about him as a goalkeeper. It happens".

I agree with Klopp to an extent. Goalkeepers make mistakes, and throughout history, many of the world's top 'keepers have spilled shots that ultimately led to opposition goals.

In my view, the hysteria over Karius' error is ridiculous, and just shows once again how some fans have the memory of a goldfish.

Prior to this afternoon's game, Karius had conceded just one goal in four games, and kept three clean sheets. Yes, the club's defensive unit has improved, but the goalkeeper also plays his part, and it's unfair to dismiss Karius's contribution to the recent positive run of form.

They key now is how Karius bounces back from this game. If he continues to make costly errors, then it might be time for a change, but right now, there's no need for knee-jerk reactions.

* Karius: Described as 'outstanding' by Klopp


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