11 Dec 2016

'He's Killing the Team': Carra blasts 'fragile' €18m Liverpool star and urges Klopp to drop him

Reds legend Jamie Carragher has continued his ongoing criticism of Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius.

Last week, Carra insisted that Karius is 'not good enough' for Liverpool, and after today's 2-2 draw with West Ham, the Champions League winner told Sky Sports^:

"At the moment he [Karius] is killing the team on the pitch. They’re five points down due to him. I’d change to Mignolet".

Ex-Red Jamie Redknapp concurred with Carra's assessment:

"He [Karius] is fragile [and] and he looks like he's lacking confidence. By continuing playing Karius it’s not going to help him".

If Karius is 'fragile', then dropping him is not going to help with that (!) Plus, what happens if Klopp brings back Mignolet, and the Belgian makes a mistake that leads to a goal and/or a Liverpool defeat; drop him too, and bring back Karius?!

It's all well and good calling for Mignolet, but some fans (and pundits) seem to have very short memories.

* Last season, for example: Bar Artur Boruc, Mignolet made most mistakes that led to goals than any other Premier League player.

* Since 2013, Mignolet has made more mistakes that led to goals that any other Premier League 'keeper (11 in total). And that's all players, not just goalkeepers, yet suddenly, Mignolet is being touted as some kind of saviour.

Give me a break. Karius is having teething problems, but he's still (arguably) a better option than Mignolet. That said, there is a question mark over his mental strength. After the Bournemouth debacle, Karius went moaning to the press instead of getting his head down and focusing on improvement, and that is not the way to do things.

Unfortunately, Klopp has made a rod with his own back with €18m-rated Karius. He explicitly stated that the German is his 'number one goalkeeper', and he's repeatedly backed him to the hilt, so dropping him now will reflect badly on Klopp's judgement.

In my view, Klopp is too stubborn to make a change, but in this case, his stubbornness is justified.

^ Transcribed whilst watching live


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