18 Dec 2016

'Contact With Liverpool': £65m midfield sensation confirms secret trip to Anfield before transfer to Prem rivals

Spurs star Dele Alli has once again confirmed that Liverpool tried to sign him before his move to White Hart Lane.

Throughout 2014, Liverpool were regularly linked with Alli - a self-confessed Liverpool fan - and after rejecting the Reds for Spurs, he told the Liverpool Echo:

“I didn’t feel Liverpool was the right move. I wanted to stay at MK a bit longer to get more first-team experience”.

Speaking to the BBC on Saturday, the subject of Liverpool came up again, and Alli expanded a little on the the Liverpool link:

"There was contact with Liverpool before I signed for Tottenham. They knew that Steven Gerrard was my hero, so he was going to come and meet me, but when I got there he was asleep. He had a game the next day, so I understand."

Ouch! No wonder Alli rejected Liverpool (!)

Gerrard is certainly a fan of Alli, and in a recent column for The Telegraph, he raved:

"I’ve taken an interest in Alli's career, and I'm seriously impressed. I like his football arrogance...and I like that touch of nastiness he has, where he will bully opponents".

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not fussed at all that Liverpool lost out on Alli. Granted, Alli cost a comparative pittance, but like most English players with a modicum of talent, he is massively overrated, and is struggling to replicate last year's form this season.

Alli - described by Harry Redknapp as an 'amazing buy' - was an unknown quantity last season, but this year, teams know what to expect, which makes it harder for him to impose himself on games. Emre Can is a similar type of player, but who's the superior footballer?

* Alli: £65m-rated (CIES Football Observatory)

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