21 Nov 2016

'He Failed': Liverpool Hero slates 'incredible' €34m attacker for blowing his 'big chance'. Unfair?

Ex-Red jamie Redknapp has stuck the knife into one of Manchester United's most promising players.

In his column for the Daily Mail today, Redknapp tore into United striker Marcus Rashford:

"Marcus Rashford had his big chance to shine against Arsenal but he failed to impress. There was a lack of movement, and
he was at fault for Arsenal’s goal, letting Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain cross for Olivier Giroud".

Talk about an unwarranted hatchet job. In my view, Redknapp is out of order:

* Rashford is 19 - the pressure should not on him to rescue United's season. If anyone deserves criticism, it's United's experienced, high-profile players, who have repeatedly failed to deliver.

* Inconsistency should be expected with teenage players, and publicly slating them to this extent is unfair. Plus, it's not as if Rashford is not pulling his weight. 16 goals/assists in 37 games (One ever 151 mins) is an impressive ratio for a teenager.

* Blaming Rashford for the goal is also unfair. Crosses come into the box all the time, but why blame Rashford when United's defense gave Giroud a free header? Rashford was culpable, but there was still a chance to stop the goal being scored once the cross came in.

This is not about club allegiances, it's a matter of principle, and I'd be making the same argument if, say, Gary Neville slated Sheyi Ojo in a similarly unfair manner.

This kind of punditry is par for the course in the modern game, though, One week, a player is 'world-class' and praised to high heaven; the next, he's a 'failure'. There's rarely any moderate middle ground, and it's the same with a lot of fans: a player is either amazing, or rubbish, and opinions yoyo on a daily basis.

* Rashford: €34m-rated. Hailed as 'incredible' by Martin Odegaard.


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