9 Nov 2016

Anfield Smackdown: LFC Legend bites back after 'incredible' €20m attacker (indirectly) disses Liverpool

Oh dear. Rabid Liverpool fans are once again upset with ex-Red Mario Balotelli.

On Tuesday, Balotelli had the temeritous gall to make the following unacceptable comment:

"Frankly, of all the clubs I've played at, these supporters [at Nice] generate the best atmosphere I've ever seen".

Immediately after making this shocking statement, the anti-Balotelli machine roared into action, with Liverpool fans slating the Italian for daring to express an opinion that doesn't fit within their narrow, insular expectations.

John Arne Riise then whipped up more anti-Balotelli sentiment with the following tweet:

"Just heard Balotelli saying Nice have the best supporters? No disrespect but NO CHANCE they can compete with Anfield and Liverpool fans. Never".

Like Balotelli, Riise is entitled to his opinion, but according to some Reds fans, Balotelli is - for expressing his opinion - 'a wan*er'; a 'lazy f^&k'; and a 'knob-sack' who 'talks out of his a**.

Liverpool fans showed Balotelli zero support during his time at Anfield, and actively encouraged Jurgen Klopp's poor treatment of the player. Mino Raiola later slammed Klopp for failing to treat the Balotelli like a 'human being', so with that in mind, why should he anything but a negative view of the club, and its fanbase?

* Jul 2016: Described as an 'incredible talent' by Crotone president Raffaele Vrenna. Cost Liverpool €20m


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