4 Oct 2016

Message to Klopp? 'Exciting' £25m Liverpool star admits he's playing out of 'position'; wants 'No 10' role

Whatever way you slice it, Georgino Wijnaldum is being played out of position at Liverpool, and according to the man himself, Jurgen Klopp is stopping him from playing in his best position.

In an interview with Sky Sports over the weekend, Wijnaldum confirmed that Klopp has directed him to 'play deeper' this season, and admitted that he's not encouraged to play 'that high up the pitch any more'. He explained:

"At previous clubs, I was the attacking midfielder. At Newcastle, I was playing in the No 10 position or as a left winger. This season I play deeper...but I still think my best position is as a No 10".

In my view, playing Wijnaldum^ in central midfield is a total waste of his best attributes. Yes, he can do a job there, just like Milner can do a job at left-back, but neither is the long-term solution in their respective roles.

Some fans will argue that Liverpool's good start to the season justifies Klopp's decision, but mark my words, Wijhendallana will come unstuck sooner or later. Indeed, that midfield trio has already been exposed several times this season, which is one of the reasons why Liverpool have conceded 10 goals in 7 league games.

It's hard to understand Klopp's decision to neuter Wijnaldum, who cost Liverpool £25m. What's the thought process here? 'Hmmm. Wijnaldum got 16 goals/assists last season in an attacking role, so now, the obvious solution is...to turn him into a water carrier'.

The mind boggles. On a related note: Adam Lallana's injury may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. If he doesn't recover in time for the Man Utd game, Klopp may have to play Emre Can in midfield, and if he plays a more defensive role, it may free up Wijnaldum to get forward more.

^ Hailed by Klopp for his 'exciting' potential


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