9 Oct 2016

'Liverpool are Fantastic, but...': Man Utd hero makes emphatic claim about signing for LFC

When Jurgen Klopp leaves Liverpool (at some point in the distant future), a whole host of manager will line up to replace the German, but according to Man Utd legend Ryan Giggs, he will not be one of them.

When asked on Saturday if he'd ever be interested in managing Liverpool, Giggs scoffed:

"No. Just a no. I would no longer have friends! Liverpool were always our [Man Utd's] biggest rivals. They are a fantastic club but the rivalry is too big for me to manage Liverpool".

Unless Liverpool drop out of the football league, there's zero possibility of Giggs ever being offered the job anyway, so the point is moot. That said, it's not unheard of for ex-Man Utd players/Liverpool players to work for their fiercest rivals.

The most obvious example is Matt Busby, who made 115 appearances for Liverpool from 1936-1941. Busby then rejected the chance to join Liverpool's coaching staff, and later went on to become one of Man Utd's most successful and legendary managers.

Liverpool fans can take a certain level of satisfaction from the fact that Busby learned his trade at Liverpool, so in roundabout way, Man Utd have Liverpool to thank for their success during his tenure.

Like Bill Shankly, Kenny Dalglish, and Alex Ferguson, Busby is a Scot, and their combined success - irrespective of team - is a source of huge pride for all proud Scotsmen (myself included).


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