10 Oct 2016

Anfield Stunner: 'Amazing' £20m star makes surprise Liverpool-related confession, just like Raheem Sterling

Three years ago, ex-Red Raheem Sterling admitted that he once supported Manchester United, and it now transpires that another former Liverpool player shares Sterling's dirty little secret.

In an Interview with The Mirror in 2013, admitted that he supported Manchester United when he first moved to England, and when asked about it, Sterling noted:

"I need to keep that [supporting Manchester United] quiet!"

On Saturday, Joe Allen also revealed heinous childhood allegiance for United:

"Don’t tell anyone but I was a Manchester United fan as well, so it was a bit tough for me to score that goal [for Stoke vs. Utd last week]".

Clearly, Allen - recently hailed by Gareth Bale as 'amazing' - still has affection for United, which is a little concerning in light of the the fact he spent four years at Liverpool.

Being a Liverpool player should've been enough to breed the affection for United out of Allen, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Come to think of it: Liverpool failed to beat United in six of the seven games in which he featured, and in January, Man United reportedly considered a £20m move for Allen. coincidence? I think not.

Obviously, I'm joking, but the reason for Allen's Anfield exit is now clear: Jurgen Klopp obviously discovered Allen's secret allegiance and (rightfully) sent him packing ;-)


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