12 Oct 2016

Liverpool Stunner: Redknapp claims 'unbelievable' £30m midfielder is better than 'Steven Gerrard' at the same age

Another day, another predictably sub-par performance from England, but despite doing nothing of note in the game, Dele Alli - who did little of note during the game - continues to receive obligate praise.

Reacting to England's sterile performance against Slovenia, Redknapp raved:

"We're blessed to have [Alli] in the national team. Not even Steven Gerrard was displaying that kind of authority at that age. He can be England's linchpin for many years to come".

Way to go! Just pile intense pressure on Alli's shoulders by basically comparing him to one of the Prem's greatest ever players. Seriously, the fawning predilection for grossly exaggerated (and premature) praise is a national sickness.

Redknapp and his cronies constantly overpraise any English player with the slightest talent, and the allegedly 'unbelievable' Alli is the latest blue-eyed boy to get the messiah treatment.

Perhaps it's just me, but I just can't see what all the fuss is about with Alli. He did well for Spurs last season, but he's struggling this year (2 goals/0 assists in 9 games) because opposing teams have (IMO) figured him out.

As for England - for all the overwrought praise, I've yet to see anything from £30m-rated Alli that justifies the ceaseless media sycophancy.

Is Alli really better than Gerrard at the same age?


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