15 Oct 2016

Liverpool Shocker: Legend insists Henderson is better than 'world-class' €120m superstar. Agree?

Man United star Paul Pogba has made a slow start to life in the Premier League, and according to Arsenal legend Paul Merson, Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson is currently the superior player.

Speaking to Sky Sports today, Merson explained:

"Who would I rather have? Jordan Henderson. It probably should be Pogba considering how much money they spent, but Henderson has been outstanding. Pogba has been struggling."

Short-termism at its finest yet again. Pogba - who cost United £89m - consistently played well for Juve, and has 8 trophies in 4 years to show for it (including 4 league titles in a row), yet he's deemed to be inferior to Henderson on the basis of 7 league games.

Henderson is in good form this season, but he's had many periods of inconsistency over the years, and in terms of winning trophies, he's a pauper compared to Pogba.

To be fair to Hendo, though, OPTA stats show that he is outperforming Pogba on every level this season (defensively and offensively). The only area in which Pogba excels is passing accuracy (83% vs Hendo's 79%). Oh, and shots off target, too (15 vs. 9 for Hendo).

As the old cliche goes: form is temporary, class is permanent, and I'm sure Pogba's class will shine through eventually. Hopefully, his resurgence will not begin at Anfield on Monday (!)

^ Pogba: Described by Jurgen Klopp as 'world-class'


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