31 Oct 2016

'He's Outstanding': Prem star raves over 'perfect' £40m Liverpool maestro and claims there's no one better

Another day, another fawning display of ego-massaging from one of Liverpool's players.

This time, it's Dejan Lovren bigging-up one of the Reds players, and it's Liverpool's man of the moment, Philippe Coutinho. Speaking to reporters over the weekend, Lovren gushed:

“He [Coutinho] the best player in the league. I have the pleasure and the honour to play with this guy. He wasn't just outstanding against Palace, he’s been like that all year. His crosses were perfect"

Urgh. It really is sickening. Lovren should just have his lips surgically attached to Coutinho's behind and be done with it.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I just can't comprehend the mindset of people who heap sycophantic praise on their colleagues/heroes in this manner. I remember living in London and seeing people (usually young girls) screaming and actually *crying* at the mere presence of some famous actor at at Leicester Square film premiere, and I couldn't understand that, either.

Coutinho is playing well this season, but that's his job - he's not performing at a level that is so far above and beyond the norm that it becomes incredible. The Brazilian is doing exactly what an obscenely paid attacker with every fitness, coaching, and nutritional advantage at his beck and call *should* be doing: influencing games, and scoring/creating goals on a regular basis.

Coutinho's improved form stands out because he's (finally) displaying some creative consistency for Liverpool, but it's only 10 league games into the season, and the gushing praise should be reserved for when the Reds actually win something, or Coutinho maintains his form over an entire season.

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^ Coutinho: £40m-rated.


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