25 Oct 2016

Anfield Alert: 86% of Liverpool fans demand Spurs start for 'wonderful' £20m star. Klopp confirms he's 'fit'

What is the likelihood of Danny Ings starting against Spurs tomorrow?

Ings - reportedly the subject of several £20m offers over the summer - has been toiling away in the U23s for most of the season, but according to Reds boss Jurgen Klopp:

"He [Ings] is not injured anymore, he's fit...and so what I can say is he will be involved in the squad tomorrow, 100 percent. All the rest we have to see."

Klopp also added a note of caution:

"The situation is not too easy. There's not a lot of space. He [Ings] is a wonderful player but you can be a really good player and not be in the squad. That's a sign for the strength of LFC."

Liverpool fans are seemingly desperate to see Ings get some game time, though. I conducted a poll on Monday asking fans if he should start against Spurs, and a whopping 86% of participants voted YES.

Unfortunately for Ings, being 'involved' in the squad probably means being on the bench, and one of either Sturridge or Origi will probably start the game.

On a related note, when asked about Ings' recent goals for the U23s, Klopp made the following observation:

"I would be a little bit less sensitive if I could say that's his job to do, but I am sensitive and I know it's not easy".

I love this attitude; it's precisely the approach to players I regularly extol on this website. Ings' primary role is to score goals, so he shouldn't receive extra praise for basically doing what he's paid to do (especially at inferior U23 level). It's good that Ings is getting on the scoresheet, but that's his job.


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