22 Oct 2016

Chelsea hero raves: 'Hard-working' €28m Liverpool star was 'exceptional' against West Brom. Agree?

Ex-Chelsea star Graham Le Saux has hailed Adam Lallana's performance against West Brom.

During Lallana's 79th minute substitution, Le Saux, a co-commentator for the game, raved:

"He [Lallana] has been exceptional this evening. He's so hard-working for the team, and it’s a prudent decision to take him off as he’s still recovering from injury".

Lallana is rejuvenated under Jurgen Klopp, but in my view, Le Saux overstates the quality of his performance. As usual, Lallana looked busy, and provided a decent link between midfield and attack, but he failed to actually influence the game in any meaningful way, and his stats show this:

* No shots on target, and no successful crosses.

* 58 passes, but didn't create a single chance.

* No clearances or blocks. Only one interception in the game.

* Lost possession 4 times, and dispossessed twice. Only Firmino lost the ball more (5 times).

* Only 2 goals in 9 games now.

Liverpool almost threw the game away in the last 15 minutes, but if Lallana had created a goal, or scored earlier in the game, then West Brom's late resurgence would've been less of an issue.

Don't get me wrong - Lallana is worthy of praise this season, but it should be fair and warranted, not excessive and/or without proper basis. He put in a solid performance today, but it was not 'exceptional' by any stretch of the imagination.

As for the game overall - a great victory for Liverpool, and it's hard-fought wins like this that can propel the club into the top four.

^ Lallana: €28m-rated


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