22 Oct 2016

Klopp raves: 'Unbelievable' World Cup winner is my 'favourite player' of all time

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed his favourite football player of all time.

In a Q&A with fans on Friday, Klopp was asked the following question:

"Who is your all-time favourite player?"

Klopp responded:

"My father would say Pele, but I don't him good enough, so I would say Diego Maradona".

A bit of an obvious choice (!) but an understandable one. The irony, of course, is that Maradona - previously described by Klopp as 'unbelievable' player who 'never really trained' - would've struggled in a Jurgen Klopp team, and ultimately sh^itcanned to the bench (and ultimately, the exit door) for failing to press and run enough.

The feeling appears to be mutual, though. When asked last week about his favourite current managers, Maradona enthused:

"Jurgen Klopp, at Liverpool. I love what he conveys, the type that gives me confidence. Before at Dortmund and now in the Premier League. Klopp is always going forward.”

Here is the transcript of the rest of the (football-related) parts of the Q&A session:

* Q. What would you be if you weren't a football manager?

"A doctor. I wanted to study medicine, because I thought that nobody would give me money for playing football".

* Q. What's more important: Possession or pressing?

"No difference. Both are important. You can't ignore that the other has the ball sometimes, so you have to find a way to defend them. If you have the ball yourself, you have to find a way to score. So, both are very important".


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