17 Oct 2016

'They Were Poor': Gary Neville mocks €35m Liverpool star for arrogant 'comments' about Man Utd

Gary Neville has delivered a withering verdict on Liverpool's performance tonight against Manchester United.

Prior to the game, Liverpool players were all over the media hyping themselves (and the team) up, with Mane insisting that the Reds 'will beat Man Utd', and Henderson triumphantly proclaiming:

"It's for Jose to do whatever he wants, really. It doesn't matter what Man United do. They will not live with us".

After the game, Neville had a dig at Jordan Henderson's risible overconfidence. He told Sky Sports^:

"They [Liverpool] were poor on the ball, especially in the first twenty minutes. After Henderson’s comments about not being afraid of United, I was expecting a blitz, but they didn’t look the same".

The first 30 minutes of tonight's game is possibly the worst of the season so far, and I lost count of the misplaced passes, poor control, and aimless punts up the field.

Collectively, the team lacked composure on the ball, and overall, the performance (and result) makes a mockery of the ridiculous pre-match hype and overconfidence.

Liverpool can moan about Man United's alleged 'negativity' all they like, but objectively speaking, a point away from home against a top-four rival is a good result, and if the roles were reversed, fans would be peddling that exact excuse (as they have done many times in the past).

In my view, it was easy to see this result coming. Gloating, boastful Liverpool never deliver the goods; historically, a humble, focused team that stays under the radar is far more likely to pull great results out of the hat.

Hopefully, this result will put the stoppers on the distasteful hubris of Liverpool's players. Who am I kidding? The next time the Reds get a good result, it'll be the same old story.

€35m-rated (CIES Football Observatory.


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