26 Oct 2016

Fowler blasts: £200k-a-week attacker is not 'good' enough anymore and 'doesn't work hard enough'. Agree?

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler has slated one of Manchester United's summer signings.

In his column for The Mirror this week, Fowler scathed:

"I’m not a fan of [Ibrahimovic]. He’s obviously not as good as he was and he doesn’t work hard enough. He’s clever, but he also drifts out of the game for long periods and drops too deep".

This is rich coming from Fowler (one of my favourite every LFC players), who wasn't renowned for his hard work off the ball (!)

That didn't prevent him from scoring 183 goals for Liverpool, though, and it also hasn't stopped Ibrahimovic^ from smashing in almost 400 career goals, and collecting 13 league titles with 6 different clubs.

I'm so sick of this attitude towards proven strikers. Take Ibrahimovic out of the equation, and the exact same argument is being made about Daniel Sturridge, another forward with a superb goal record.

I also hate the way the game is being (IMO) ruined, with individualistic flair players being marginalised in favour of homogenised huff-and-puff 'triers', and pressing obsessed managers prioritising graft and stamina over skill and individual expression.

Liverpool fans may want a team full of Lallanas, but that's my worst nightmare. I'd rather have a team full of players like Sturridge, Ibrahimovic, Aguero, Barnes, Beardsley, McManaman, Henry, and Fowler - players who might not run and press themselves into the ground, but provide fans with magic memories that last a lifetime.

As for Ibrahimovic - he has nothing to prove to anyone. 13 league titles with 6 clubs shows that (including 8 in a row earlier in his career). Form is temporary, class is permanent, and Ibrahimovic is the living embodiment of this oft-stated aphorism.

Plus, he's 35, so he's allowed to have the odd barren spell, but I have no doubt that he'll finish the season near the top of the Premier League goalscoring charts...as will Sturridge, if he's given a consistent chance by Klopp.

* Ibrahimovic: Reportedly on £200k-a-week at Man Utd. Hailed by Joel Matip as 'amazing'.


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