4 Sept 2016

'Wonderful Guy': Verratti hails €20m Liverpool flop; claims he was 'right' to quit Anfield

Many Liverpool fans are in raptures over Mario Balotelli's decision to quit Liverpool for Nice, and very few expect the much-maligned striker to resurrect his career in France. Balotelli still has supporter, though, and among them is PSG star Marco Verratti, who is convinced that his compatriot still has time to pull his career out of the fire.

When asked on Saturday about Balotelli's decision to leave Liverpool, Verratti told reporters:

"I am happy for his [Balotelli's] decision. Nice is the right club to reboot his career.”

This follows Verratti's comments last week, when he raved over Balotelli's long-dormant talent:

"Balotelli is one of the greatest strikers I've played alongside. He has great physical attributes and rarely misses in front of goal. He's a wonderful guy, and on football we should think of the collective, not the individual".

Hmmm. The contention that Balotelli - who cost Liverpool €20m - 'rarely misses in front of goal' is clearly nonsense, but Balotelli needs all the supporters he can get right now, and it'll do his confidence good to see high-profile players supporting him in the press.

I love a good underdog story, and I'm rooting for Balotelli to get it together, just as I was rooting for Iceland to put England to the sword during Euro 2016.

If international minnows like Iceland can beat an alleged football superpower like England, then perhaps there's hope for Balotelli yet.


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