22 Sept 2016

Anfield Alert: 67% of Liverpool fans want Klopp to dump 'brilliant' €23m star. Harsh, or deserved?

Karius vs. Mignolet: Who should start on Saturday? Mignolet^ has done very little wrong (this season) to deserve relegation to the bench, but according to Liverpool fans, that's exactly what needs to happen.

Karius barely had to break sweat against Derby, but despite the inferior nature of the opposition, he looked a little shaky at times, and missed at least one punch/claim, that easily could've led to a goal.

Reds fans are so desperate to see Mignolet benched, though, that they've developed selective blindness, and seem deadset on a change between the stick. I conducted a poll on this issue yesterday, and the results were entirely predictable:

* 67% of participants voted for Karius to replace Mignolet.

That's a decent vote of confidence for Karius, but it may not be all plain sailing. Mignolet is one of the luckiest goalkeepers in the Prem, and even if he loses his place, the chances are some football-related voodoo will occur to ensure he wins his place back very quickly. Let's look at the facts:

* Dec 14th 2014: BR drops Mignolet 'indefinitely' after a series of poor performances. Brad Jones comes in to replace him.

* Dec 26th 2014: Brad Jones gets injured, and Mignolet returns to the starting line-up.

* May 24th 2016: Liverpool sign Karius, who proceeds to start 5 pre-season games in a row, and looks nailed-on to usurp Mignolet.

* Jul 28th 2016: Karius breaks his hand, and is ruled out for two months. Mignolet retains his place.

If Karius starts Saturday's game, he'll probably suffer another injury very soon afterwards ;-)

^ €23m-rated (CIES Football Observatory)


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