23 Sept 2016

Red Alert: Klopp explains 'why' Liverpool could lose against 'weaker' Hull City and slams Anfield love-in

After several good results, Liverpool fans, pundits, and players are once again engaging in endless ego massage and hero worship, but ahead of the Hull City game, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp has issued a stark reality check.

In the wake of the Chelsea victory, Liverpool players have been falling over themselves to worship each other, and amid the tsunami of self-love, James Milner's sickening eulogy for Adam Lallana a particularly cloying lowlight.

Thankfully, Jurgen Klopp is not buying into the love-in, and in his pre-match press conference, he barked:

"Nothing has happened until now. We've only played five league two cup games. It's not about celebrating ourselves. We have to be ready for the next game. It's not about the past".

Absolutely right. This is one of my biggest bug-bears about Liverpool: whoever the manager, the players are seemingly incapable of keeping their heads down and simply *focusing* on the job at hand.

Every victory has to be accompanied by leering, self-satisfied crowing, and this reached its nadir over the weekend with the club gloating (on Twitter) about Man United's defeat against Watford.

Klopp also bristled at the suggestion that Hull will be 'easier' than Chelsea:

"Why should it be easier? When we beat teams that people think are stronger than we are, why can't a team that people think is weaker than us win?"

This is a compelling point, but hopefully, it won't play out like this on Saturday.

The moral of this story: Lallana and co - please STFU already and concentrate on achieving something (anything!) before kissing each others' backsides.


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